3 Steps to Transform Your Office Decor from Mundane to Magical

The team here at Imagination Design Studios works with healthcare providers every day. Providers who care deeply about the experience kids have while in their care, while at the same time want to build a thriving practice.

The great news is, you can have both!

Second only to clinical outcomes, patient experience is the most effective way to build a reputation for being the best. And there’s no better foundation for a great patient experience than a one-of-a-kind office to welcome young families and help create positive memories associated with their time in your care.

At IDS, we help you grow your practice by making your visits unforgettable.

And building your dream office is easier than may think. In fact, there are just five steps for transforming a mundane space into a magical place…



Explore the possibilities during a discovery session with our Creative Consultants. Then design your dream office with our expert creative team.

“The IDS team understands dentists and their spaces. It has been a great experience!”

– Dr. Beverly Largent, Former President of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

“Working with their team of designers was very easy.”

– Dr. Karim Kanani

“I was pleased that IDS helped me right from day one and that the designers could take my ideas and run with them.”

– Dr. Leslie Jacobs


See your project come to life through regular updates from our production studio. Our project managers will guide you through the entire build process, from design to installation.

“They literally blew me away with all of their creations.”

– Dr. Michael Lateiner

“From the online meetings and the markups that explained everything from colors and foliage, to the 3D models of my characters, IDS really created a complete picture.”

– Dr. Tim Verwest


Reveal your magical new office to the amazement of your patients, their parents, and the community. Enjoy the increased exposure in glowing reviews and referrals.

“The IDS install crew have been amazing and I am so thankful for everything you guys have done to make this such an amazing and smooth endeavor.”

– Dr. Jenni Burkitt

The local newspaper will be interviewing us and publishing an article next week!”

– Shauna Henry, Office Manager

“When we opened after installing the octopus on our roof we were seeing up to 59 new patients a day.”

– Dr. Derek Thompson

There’s no doubt, bringing together your exceptional care with an exceptional environment is a winning combination. Get ready to be the first choice in your community for many years to come!

And it all starts by simply booking your free, no-obligation consultation.

Call us today to learn what is possible for your practice. 1-888-884-4102

IDS theming is not an expense; it is an investment in your business.

Invest in Your Patients

Valuing your patients and their families sets them up for a lifetime of positive health outcomes. And the environment you create can help you achieve a better patient experience.

  • Reduce patient anxiety and enhance their relaxation
  • Prime patients and families for their appointments
  • Create positive dental care experiences

Invest in Your Business

Maintain your edge in the crowded dental service space. Attention to details in your niche can transform your environment and overall patient satisfaction…whatever your dental niche.

  • Create “buzz” in the community you serve
  • Accelerate patient referrals
  • Generate positive online reviews

Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to get started transforming your office from a mundane to magical patient experience.




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