The Magic of Parade Floats: Types and Benefits

Parades have long been a cherished part of celebrations and cultural events worldwide. They evoke a sense of excitement, bringing communities together to celebrate special occasions and traditions. At the heart of these parades are the captivating parade floats, which not only add a touch of grandeur but also tell stories, promote businesses, and entertain the crowd.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the various types of parade floats and dive into the many benefits they bring to parades of all kinds.

Types of Parade Floats

Push Floats (or Manually-Powered Floats):

Push floats are typically moved manually by a group of people who push or pull the float along the parade route. These floats are a cost-effective option since they don’t require a vehicle for propulsion.

Car-Driven Floats:

Car-driven floats are built on a vehicle chassis, such as a truck or trailer, which provides the power and mobility needed to move the float. The vehicle is often concealed within the float’s design. Car-driven floats are versatile and can accommodate larger and more elaborate designs. They can also move at a consistent speed, allowing for precise synchronization with performances or other elements of the parade.

Towed Floats:

Towed floats are not equipped with their own built-in propulsion systems like engines or motors. Instead, they are towed or pulled along the parade route by a separate towing vehicle, such as a truck or tractor. These types of flaots can be quite large, built on a flatbed trailer or other platform.

Floats with Performers:

Floats that host live performers, such as dancers, musicians, or actors, offer a dynamic and interactive element to the parade. These floats not only engage the audience but also elevate the entertainment factor, turning the parade into a spectacular show. They include specialty safety equipment or seatbelts to secure people to the platform.

The Benefits of Parade Floats

  • Visual Impact: Parade floats have an undeniable visual impact. Their vibrant colors, impressive designs, and thematic elements capture the audience’s attention, making them a memorable part of any parade.
  • Storytelling: Floats are powerful storytellers. They convey stories, cultural heritage, and brand messages effectively, creating a connection with the audience.
  • Community Engagement: Parade floats provide opportunities for community involvement. They foster a sense of unity and pride as individuals and groups come together to create and showcase their floats.
  • Advertising and Promotion: For businesses and organizations, parade floats serve as effective marketing tools. They reach a wider audience and promote products, services, or causes in a fun and engaging way.
  • Entertainment Value: Above all, parade floats contribute to the overall entertainment of the parade. Their creativity, performances, and captivating presence add to the festive atmosphere, ensuring that everyone has a good time.

We recieved a million likes both here and internationally from our social posts promoting our parade float. Unbelievable!

– Leader feedback from the Nigerian Canadian Association of Calgary

Tips for Creating a Successful Parade Float

  • Planning and Theme Selection: Choose a compelling theme that resonates with your audience and your brand.
  • Budgeting and Resource Management: Consider your budget and explore cost-effective ways to source materials and support for your float project. Allocating marketing budgets and fundraising can go a long way to making your float a reality.
  • Design and Construction: Find an experienced company that can guide you through the build process – Imagination Design Studios has been building floats for 30 years!
  • Safety and Regulations: Adhere to safety guidelines and parade regulations to ensure the well-being of participants and spectators.
  • Promotion and Participation: Promote your participation in the parade and engage the community to make your float a memorable part of the event. Get your float all over social media! Show off the build process and build momentum.

Parade Floats Are Great for Business

Parade floats are the heart and soul of parades, adding enchantment, storytelling, and entertainment to these celebratory events. Floats play a vital role in creating memorable experiences for communities around the world.

So next time you attend a parade, take a moment to appreciate the magic and creativity that parade floats bring to the festivities.

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Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to discover how to promote your business with a parade float.



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How to Use Technology to Help Your Dental Practice in 2024

Dentists can leverage new technology, applications, and artificial intelligence (AI) in various ways to enhance their business operations, improve patient care, and streamline processes.

Here are some ways in which dentists can use AI to benefit their practices:

Use Technology for Appointment Scheduling and Management:

  • Implement AI-powered scheduling systems that can optimize appointment bookings based on the dentist’s availability, patient preferences, and treatment durations.
  • Use AI chatbots on the website or mobile apps to assist patients in scheduling appointments and provide information about services.

Example: Zocdoc – Zocdoc is a platform that allows patients to find and book appointments with healthcare providers, including dentists.

Example: NexHealth – A patient scheduling app that syncs directly to your health record system.

Use AI for Patient Communication:

  • Utilize communication tools including AI-driven applications to send automated appointment reminders, follow-up messages, and post-treatment care instructions, enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction.

Example: Solutionreach – Solutionreach provides patient engagement and communication solutions, including automated appointment reminders and communication tools for dental practices.

Example: Curogram Curogram offers AI-driven patient communication tools, including automated messaging, appointment reminders, and two-way texting to enhance patient engagement.

Use AI for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning:

  • Integrate AI tools for image analysis, such as AI-based dental imaging software, to aid in the diagnosis of dental conditions through X-rays, scans, and photographs.
  • Implement AI algorithms that can assist in treatment planning, suggesting optimal procedures based on patient data and historical treatment outcomes.

Example: VideaHealth – AI-powered X-ray imaging technology from Boston-based VideaHealth.

Use AI for Revenue Cycle Management:

  • Adopt AI-driven systems for billing and claims processing to streamline the revenue cycle. This can reduce errors, improve efficiency, and accelerate reimbursement processes.

Example: Dentrix Ascend – Dentrix Ascend is a cloud-based practice management software that includes billing and claims processing features.

Example: Waystar – Uses AI to automate revenue cycle processes, including billing and claims management, to improve efficiency and reduce errors.

Use Technology for Virtual Consultations:

  • Offer virtual consultations via telehealth platforms, allowing dentists to remotely assess patient concerns, provide advice, and determine if an in-person visit is necessary.

Example: SmileSnap – SmileSnap is a platform that enables dental practices to offer virtual consultations and communicate with patients remotely.

Use AI for Personalized Patient Experience:

  • Implement AI-driven patient management systems that personalize the overall experience, such as recommending relevant dental hygiene practices, post-treatment care instructions, and follow-up appointments based on individual patient profiles.

Example: OperaDDS – OperaDDS provides a suite of communication tools, including features for personalized patient communication and education.

Example: Tab32 – Tab32 offers an AI-driven patient relationship management system, providing personalized experiences and automating communication based on patient preferences and history.

Use Automation and AI for Predictive Analytics for Business Insights:

  • Use intelligent tools to analyze data from patient records, appointments, and financial transactions to identify trends, predict patient behavior, and optimize business strategies for growth.

Example: Divergent Dental – Divergent Dental offers analytics and business intelligence solutions specifically designed for dental practices.

Example: Dental Intelligence – Dental Intelligence uses AI to analyze practice data and provide insights, helping dentists make informed decisions for business growth and patient care.

Use Technology for Training and Continuing Education:

  • Explore educational tools for dentists and dental staff to stay updated on the latest advancements in the field. This can enhance skills and ensure the delivery of high-quality care.

Example: – offers online courses and continuing education resources for dental professionals.

Use AI for Automated Marketing Campaigns:

  • Utilize marketing tools to analyze patient demographics, preferences, and behaviors, enabling targeted and personalized marketing campaigns to attract and retain patients.
  • Use AI content creator apps to help you craft better social media posts, ad copy, and blog content. 

Example: YAPI – YAPI provides patient communication and marketing tools, including features for targeted marketing campaigns and patient engagement.

Example: ChatGPT – A chatbot that responds to questions and composes various written content, including articles, social media posts, blogs, and emails.

Keep in mind that the availability and suitability of these solutions may vary, and it’s essential to evaluate each option based on your specific practice needs, budget, and any changes in the industry. Additionally, newer and more advanced solutions are emerging every day.

When implementing AI in a dental practice, it’s crucial to prioritize patient privacy, data security, and regulatory compliance. Dentists should also ensure that AI applications align with ethical standards and contribute positively to the overall patient experience and the practice’s efficiency.

IDS is your expert on creating the best experience possible for your patients. Valuing your patients and their families sets them up for a lifetime of positive health outcomes. And the environment you create can help you achieve a better patient experience.

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Case Study: See a Successful Mascot in Action

In the world of dental marketing, creativity can be a game-changer, and today, we’re excited to delve into a captivating case study that showcases the ingenious use of a mascot to promote a pediatric dental office.

Discover how a dentist’s decision to introduce a cheerful and memorable character transformed their practice’s image and brought about remarkable results.

Case Study: See a Successful Mascot in Action

One of our clients, Dr. Bill Martin of Martin Kids Dental and Orthodontics, has been utilizing his mascot in amazing ways! We want to show off some of the successful ways he has used his mascot characters in his office and around his community.

Drawing inspiration from the local bayou wildlife, along with the well-known football team in the area, Martin Kids Dental has three charming characters for kids to fall in love with. A turtle, alligator, and frog (Phineas the Frog is Dr. Martin’s personal favorite).

First, the IDS team altered his existing “M” logo, adding in these 3 special mascot characters.

These characters appear in and around his office in his themed decor in 3D sculptures, posing as friendly photo ops, playing around in the murals, and on eye-catching wall-busting exterior signage.

The Martin team successfully uses their interior decor all over their website and social media. Check out these photos of patients from their Facebook feed with freshly applied braces and those who have finally had them taken off. The “Wired” and “Wireless” signs are a great touch!

Dr. Martin even created a costume version of his main gator character – Martin (or Marty) the Gator. This huggable, loveable, portable mascot gets around town.

Marty shows up in all their team group shots – he is one of the crew after all!

Marty has been touring around schools, helping teach kids about good dental hygiene.

And he gets to attend family events and expos. This friendly mascot makes Dr. Martin’s table approachable for kids. If kids go, parents will follow, and the Martin team gets their chance to do their health and sales pitch.

Dr. Martin is getting great mileage out of his mascot. He is known around town for his characters.

When I go around town and say “Hi, I’m Bill Martin, the Orthodontist at Martin Kids” the first thing they say is “Oh my gosh, that’s the alligator that comes out of the building.” We’ve since had people stopping by and taking pictures, it’s great.

Bring Your Mascot to Life with IDS

Uncertain about how to initiate the process of crafting a mascot for your workplace? Reach out to Imagination Design Studios (IDS) and our Creative Consultants will be thrilled to assist you. IDS is your key to turning your office atmosphere from ordinary to an enchanting patient experience. Our skilled design team at IDS can design a mascot for your organization by crafting logos and seamlessly integrating it into the overall theme of your physical office environment.

Our business friend Street Characters has helped make some of our designs come to life in the form of mascot costumes.

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Themed Photo Opportunities



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The Magic of Parade Floats: Types and Benefits

4 Ways Social Media Can Help Promote Your Library




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