Orange Conference Interview with IDS Creative Consultant Erin

IDS recently embarked on an exciting journey to Atlanta, Georgia, where we had the incredible opportunity to attend the Orange Conference 2024. Trust us when we say, it was an experience like no other! We were surrounded by passionate individuals, all dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children and families.

Creative Consultant Erin Blondin had the absolute pleasure of chatting with the amazing crew behind the Orange Conference, getting the opportunity to share the passion we have for transforming children’s spaces. Read the exclusive interview below.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and Imagination Design Studios?

I’m Erin, a Creative Consultant at IDS. We specialize in creating welcoming spaces for children through themed decor.

For the last 17 years, we used the power of theming to take the anxiety out of dental and medical appointments, giving children a better experience and setting them up for a lifetime of better health outcomes. We recognize the benefit of our theming for creating welcoming spaces, so we began offering our services to other child-friendly businesses, like libraries, daycares, and of course, churches!

What exactly is themed decor?

When we talk about themed decor for kids, we’re talking about all the fun stuff that makes a space feel like an adventure! Think murals covering the walls, cool 3D backdrops, and interactive activities like video games and slides. The themes are endless, from forest adventures to underwater explorations or even stepping back in time to biblical cities, it’s all about creating an awesome world that kids can dive into headfirst.

What do you think the biggest challenge facing church leaders today is?

Churches face the challenge of engaging younger generations amidst a distracting world filled with tech and temptation. Youth leaders face a daily struggle to build connections, maintain relationships, and retain members as they grow up.

What are some common pain points church leaders face when trying to create meaningful connections with children?

Creating a welcoming environment for children in spaces often designed for adults is challenging. Youth leaders must contend with distractions like technology and competing activities vying for kids’ attention. This makes maintaining engagement during religious education programs or services quite difficult.

Themed decor can play a crucial role in creating an inclusive environment. Children feel a connection with a space catered to them, giving them a sense of belonging. This welcoming atmosphere not only makes children feel valued and accepted but also encourages them to actively engage in church activities. Themed decor is about getting kids excited and involved in everything from Sunday school to youth group hangouts and special events. It’s like magic; once they’re surrounded by the right atmosphere, they’re all in, ready to jump in and participate wholeheartedly.

What should people know about the impact of themed decor in creating a welcoming and engaging environment for families?

Our themed decor isn’t just about looks—it’s a strategic tool for attracting and retaining families. By creating standout environments, we draw in new visitors and keep existing ones engaged. This approach transforms your church into a sought-after destination where families feel welcomed and connected.

Just as theming has helped kids in the dental industry think positively about their appointments, helping kids form awesome memories strengthens their connection to the church and enriches their spiritual journey for years to come.

Can you share any specific examples of situations where themed decor has helped address a particular challenge for a church leader?

The same phrase comes up every time a church leader contacts us – they want to “revitalize their youth spaces”. And that’s exactly what we do – we bring energy and excitement into a space.

Our recent project addressed a pressing concern for a community: the lack of safe spaces for kids to hang out after school. Kids don’t have places they can hang out anymore. They’ll get in trouble for loitering! With public spaces becoming increasingly restricted, we worked with this church to design a lounge area specifically for kids and young teens. It was a big hit! Not only did it provide a safe and welcoming environment, but it also sparked a renewed sense of excitement among the youth. As a result, there was this buzz of energy and connection that you could feel throughout the congregation. It just goes to show the power of creating inclusive spaces where everyone feels like they belong.

What advice would you give to church leaders who are unsure about where to start?

Talk to us, we’re the experts on kid-centric spaces. We’ll help you understand the needs of your congregation and find the best solution for you. And we recommend focusing on the areas that will have the biggest impact first – daycare playrooms, nursery rooms, and Sunday school classrooms. You can expand out from there as your attendance grows.

What trends do you foresee in themed decor for children in churches?

We brought a woodland themed booth for a reason! Nature-themed decor, such as woodland settings with characters on adventures and trees as focal points, creates calming atmospheres that resonate with both children and adults. Additionally, themes reflecting “community,” like backyard settings, are gaining popularity for their welcoming feel.

But it’s not just about looks; it’s about creating spaces where kids can really dive in and explore. That’s why interactive products, like play areas and hands-on activities, are becoming a big hit.

Flexibility is key! Being able to switch things up and move seating around easily to suit different age groups and activities makes a huge difference.

You can make a big impact with minimal effort by using murals. They transform a space and make it feel like you’re stepping into a whole new world. It’s all about creating environments that draw people in, spark their imagination, and make them feel at home.

Thank you for chatting with us today.

My pleasure! We can’t wait to come back again next year!



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Effective Strategies for Churches to Connect with Their Community

Interview with Dr. Bill Martin

Tips for Adding Themed Decor to Your Church

Effective Strategies for Churches to Connect with Their Community

In today’s fast-paced world, where families are constantly juggling various commitments and responsibilities, churches often find themselves seeking innovative ways to reach out and connect with their local communities.

Connecting to families demands a proactive approach that addresses the unique needs and interests of parents and children alike. By drawing insights from a variety of sources, churches can develop strategies that not only promote their message but also foster genuine relationships within their neighborhoods.

Effective Strategies for Churches to Connect with FAMILIES IN THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD

Provide Childcare Services: Meeting Crucial Needs

One of the primary concerns for parents attending church events is the availability of childcare. Offering free, safe, and reliable childcare during gatherings such as mom’s morning out or parents’ night out can be a game-changer. Not only does this alleviate a major stressor for parents, but it also creates a positive impression of the church as a caring and supportive community. These church events might be among the few occasions that parents can attend solely because of the availability of childcare, serving as a genuine lifeline for these families.

Summer Programs for Kids: Cultivating Engagement

Summer vacation often poses a challenge for parents trying to keep their children engaged and occupied. Hosting programs like Vacation Bible School, day camps, or field trips tailored to various interests can provide a solution. These activities not only offer children opportunities for learning and fun but also serve as a magnet for families seeking wholesome summer activities.

Community Engagement: Extending Beyond Church Walls

Building meaningful connections with the broader community is key to establishing a church’s presence. Actively participating in local events, collaborating with schools, and addressing specific needs within the neighborhood demonstrate a genuine commitment to serving others. Participating in a park clean-up day, hosting an open house summer BBQ, or joining a neighborhood parade of garage sales are excellent ways to engage with community events in a fun and meaningful manner. Such efforts not only foster goodwill but also pave the way for long-term relationships with families.

Operating a Preschool: Investing in the Future

While establishing a church preschool requires significant investment and planning, it can be a powerful tool for outreach. By providing quality early education in a nurturing environment, churches can introduce families to their community while instilling core values aligned with their mission.

Sharing Family Resources: Supporting Parenthood

Parenting comes with its own set of challenges, ranging from navigating social media to addressing bullying. Offering resources and organizing family-oriented events like game or movie nights can provide much-needed support to parents. By equipping families with tools and knowledge, churches can strengthen family bonds and reinforce their role as a valuable resource.

Youth Sports Leagues: Building Connections Through Play

Sports have a unique ability to bring people together and foster camaraderie. Running a youth sports league not only provides children with opportunities for physical activity and skill development but also allows church volunteers to build relationships with families. Integrating faith into sports activities promotes holistic growth and reinforces the church’s values in a dynamic setting.


Effective outreach for churches transcends mere promotion of Sunday services; it involves genuine engagement and service to the community. By implementing strategies that address the needs of families, provide opportunities for connection, and create a welcoming environment, churches can establish themselves as pillars of support and sources of inspiration within their neighborhoods. As they continue to adapt and innovate, churches can play a vital role in nurturing strong, vibrant communities where families thrive.

For more resources to help you create a family-friendly church atmosphere:

5 Steps Churches Can Take to Create a Family-friendly Atmosphere

Attract Families to Your Church with Decor for Kids



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Orange Conference Interview with IDS Creative Consultant Erin

Tips for Adding Themed Decor to Your Church

Attract Families to Your Church with Decor for Kids

Tips for Adding Themed Decor to Your Church

Places of worship hold a special significance for communities, and churches, in particular, serve as a focal point for spiritual growth and community engagement. One way to enhance the sense of belonging and create an inviting atmosphere for families, teens, and children is by adding themed decor to various areas within the church.

In this blog, we’ll explore creative ideas for incorporating themed decor into different spaces, from nurseries to large gathering areas.

Nurseries and Toddler Room Decor Ideas for Modern Churches:

Creating a welcoming environment for the youngest members of your congregation is essential. Design a nursery room that reflects a soothing and joyful ambiance. By using soft colors, nature-inspired wall decals, and plush seating, you can make the space comforting for both children and parents.

Soothing Church Nap Room for Toddlers

Consider a nap room with a nighttime or space theme. Look for cribs, changing tables, and storage solutions that complement the overall design. Consider safety and functionality when selecting furniture.

A nursery nap room with nighttime woodland mural.

By implementing themed decor such as calming woodland nature landscapes or homey backyard scenes, you can contribute to a serene atmosphere optimal for keeping young children at ease while their parents are at worship.

Innovative Classroom Decor for Church Sunday Schools

For classrooms catering to preschool and toddler age groups, vibrant and educational decor can start to create an engaging learning environment. Consider wall murals that showcase stories from religious texts, interactive learning tools like puppets, easily identifiable room signage, and age-appropriate furniture like durable plastic chairs. This helps create an environment conducive to both spiritual and intellectual development.

View of cozy daycare room with backyard-themed glass window murals
View of cozy learning room with backyard-themed window murals.
Door signage featuring a young raccoon playing a stacking game.

Remember to maintain a balance between aesthetics and functionality, creating a comfortable and safe space for children to both sit quietly for lessons and move about for active play.

Engaging Decor Ideas for Elementary-Aged Learning Spaces in Churches:

As children grow, so do their needs for engaging spaces.

Designing classrooms for elementary-age kids can involve more interactive and dynamic decor. Consider adding vibrant murals, welcoming 3D characters, and play spaces. Popular themes include nature, space, animals, under the sea & jungle, or a specific book from the bible, or characters like Noah on the ark or Daniel in the lion’s den. Themed decorations that align with biblical stories or values can make learning more enjoyable.

Using wayfinding signage that all ages can understand creates a more welcoming environment. Using different colors, themes, and characters in signs and room markers that all ages can understand helps youngster feel confident in navigating their surroundings. Select a color palette that complements the chosen theme. Bright, cheerful colors are often suitable for elementary classrooms.

Incorporate age-appropriate elements like educational games, interactive displays, and comfortable seating to foster a positive and stimulating learning environment. Gaming and activity areas can include slides, play structures, and even video games. More about play areas in a moment.

Create a mascot to help guide little ones. Think of Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber from Veggie Tales. They are fun and friendly characters that help make bible stories more engaging. Your mascot can appear in 3D or be drawn into murals around your space. They can then be incorporated into activities, booklets, and even church branding to help draw in more families to your child-friendly church.

Themed Ideas for Creating Inviting Teen Lounge Areas in Churches:

The availability of safe gathering spaces for youth and teens is declining. There is a shortage of places where teenagers can socialize without making purchases, exacerbated by “no loitering” policies or signs. In the absence of options like malls or coffee shops, there’s a pressing need to establish inclusive and attractive spaces that welcome teens of all ages. Using theming, you can provide a safe, cool environment for them to hang out, fostering connections amongst their peers.

Use themed decor to separate their space from adult spaces to give them a sense of belonging and ownership over an area. Murals help define that separation and create a cohesive space with bright colors and eye-catching graphics.

Choose flexible and comfortable seating arrangements that allow for group discussions, study sessions, and casual hangouts. Bean bags, floor cushions, and modular seating arrangements can provide a relaxed atmosphere. Design cozy corners or alcoves with soft lighting where teens can unwind and have quiet conversations. Incorporate plush rugs, pillows, and dimmable lighting for a relaxed atmosphere.

Lounge area with built charging station within the desktop.

Incorporate technology into the space with charging stations, Wi-Fi, and interactive displays. This caters to the tech-savvy interests of many teens and provides a space for both socializing and studying.

Design the space to be easily adaptable for events such as game nights, movie screenings, or workshops. Consider movable furniture and versatile decor elements.

By creating a space that aligns with the interests and preferences of teens, and by prioritizing safety, churches can establish an environment where teens feel welcome, engaged, and comfortable. Regularly seek feedback from the teens to ensure the space remains relevant and appealing to the evolving needs of the community.


Enhancing Church Stages and Meeting Spaces with Creative Theming:

Enhancing the aesthetics of your church’s small stage and meeting spaces can contribute to a more immersive worship experience for children.

Choose a theme that aligns with the values and message of the church. It could be biblical, nature-inspired, or community-focused.

Implement branded signage that ties the space to your church. This is a great way to promote the speakers, musicians, and other performances that present at your church on social media.

Set up a music corner with a sound system, musical instruments, or even a karaoke machine. Teens and kids can enjoy music, practice their musical skills, or even organize small performances. This can tie into our next space that needs design consideration.

Multipurpose Church Gym and Activity Space Decor Ideas:

Many churches have multipurpose spaces, such as gyms, that serve various functions beyond just physical activities. Transforming these areas into versatile spaces with themed decor can enhance their appeal.

Utilizing a sliding room divider can help create separate spaces for different activities, such as a gym for fitness classes or sports events and a large group room for gatherings and events.

Murals in these spaces are also a great way to add color and movement to a large bare space.

Designing Engaging Themed Play Areas in Churches for Children:

Adding a play area to your church can significantly enhance its appeal and provide a welcoming space for families. Just as malls incorporate play areas to create a safe gathering spot, churches can benefit in similar ways. A play area fosters a family-friendly atmosphere, encouraging parents to attend services without worrying about keeping their children entertained. It becomes a place where families can connect and build a sense of community.

By mirroring the successful strategy employed by malls, your church can become not just a place of worship, but a vibrant hub for community interaction and growth. Clearly communicate the availability of the play area to parents and visitors. Use signage, announcements, and church communication channels to inform families about these child-friendly features.

Additionally, it offers an opportunity for children to learn in a comfortable and engaging environment, making church services more accessible and enjoyable for the entire family. Providing a designated play area allows parents to participate in church services and events more actively, knowing their children are in a safe and supervised space.

Identify a suitable space within the church for the play area. Consider proximity to the main worship area, ease of supervision, and safety factors. Children can be quite loud when they are playing. A separate room or a space on a different floor may be optimal.

Tailor the play area to cater to different age groups. Include a variety of toys, books, and activities suitable for infants, toddlers, and older children. Slides are great for youngsters to burn some energy, play boards are great for little hands, and video games are great for older kids to learn coordination and problem-solving skills.

Woodland rock game wall with Keebee play boards and video games.
Woodland rock game wall with Keebee play boards for toddlers.
Kids playing on wall mounted gaming tablets.

Integrate elements of the church’s mission, values, and teachings into the play area decor. This can include age-appropriate Bible stories, positive messages, or symbols that align with the church’s identity.

Fostering Fellowship with Decor Ideas for Church Community Spaces:

In addition to educational and worship spaces, it’s crucial to have areas where the congregation can come together for fellowship and community building.

Group Lounge Area Decor

Designing lounges or common areas with comfortable seating and themed decor can provide the perfect setting for casual interactions. Consider adding a touch of warmth with inspirational quotes, artwork, or symbols that resonate with the church’s mission and values.

Congregation Refreshment Area

Supply snacks, coffee, and juice to create a place of fellowship where all ages can mingle. Consider organizing the occasional potluck events. After everyone eats, there could be a socializing hour or a small event, like a talent show or guest speaker.

Church Library

Consider establishing a bookshelf or mini library within your community space, featuring a diverse selection of reading materials tailored for different age groups, including children, teens, and adults. While a designated children’s reading area can minimize noise disruptions for adults utilizing the space, there’s also a compelling opportunity to create a unified learning community by encouraging individuals of all ages to read and learn together in a shared space. Seek feedback from your congregation to understand their preferences, ensuring that the design and offerings align with the unique needs and dynamics of your community.

By intentionally designing a community space with the needs and preferences of both young and old in mind, your church can create a welcoming environment that fosters connections and strengthens the sense of community.

Adding Themed Decor to Your Church is Easy

Adding themed decor to a church is a creative way to enhance the overall atmosphere and create spaces that cater to the diverse needs of the congregation. From nurseries and classrooms to large gathering areas and community spaces, thoughtful decor choices can contribute to a sense of unity and belonging. As kids have their “preservice” hangout spot and classrooms become engaging learning environments, the church transforms into a space that nurtures both spiritual and community growth.

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Benefits of Themed Decor for Kids, Your Business, and Staff

Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to get started transforming your church into family-friendly sanctuary.



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What is a Themed Environment

Color and Light in Interior Spaces for Children with Autism

Orange Conference Interview with IDS Creative Consultant Erin

Attract Families to Your Church with Decor for Kids

Churches today are competing for the attention of young families, so it is important that they create a welcoming atmosphere that appeals to children. The good news is that you can attract more families to your congregation by adding child-friendly decor that can turn your location into a destination.

Here’s how using child-friendly church decor like play areas, colorful murals, custom seating, and sculpted characters can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your congregation.

How to Attract Families to Your Church with Decor for Kids

Vibrant Church Murals – Adding Adventure to Children’s Worship Areas:

Vivid colors and cheerful images can instantly brighten up any church space. Consider adorning the walls of your church with colorful cartoons or murals depicting stories from the Bible or other religious teachings.

Not only will these images bring life to the rooms and hallways of your Sunday school or church nursery, but they’ll also provide children with an immersive learning experience as they explore each scene depicted in the artwork.

These murals can be placed within classrooms or hallways leading up to the sanctuary.

Have a large wall, windows, or fence outside your church? A large-scale mural with bright colors and uplifting messages can help set the tone for both old and new members when they enter your church.

An exterior window decal featuring a cartoon jungle scene with gorillas, monkeys, and tigers.
An exterior window decal featuring a cartoon jungle scene with gorillas, monkeys, and tigers.

Creating Engaging Church Play Areas for Children of All Ages:

One way to attract families with young children is by providing an entertaining play area where kids can gather and be engaged in activities during services. You could set up toys, games, and kid-sized furniture for them to enjoy while their parents attend services or classes. This will help grow your children’s knowledge of faith while playfully entertaining them.

Sunday School classroom with woodland murals.
Backyard themed game wall.
Pirate ship kids fort with a custom planked dividing wall accompanied by an underwater themed mural on interior walls
Sunken ship play area.
play tent with slide and medieval elephant guard in kids play area
Tent play area with a slide.

Additionally, if you have special services dedicated solely to children, having a play area can help make those times more enjoyable and memorable. Simple additions such as coloring books or puzzles can be effective when it comes to keeping kids entertained while they wait for service. This not only helps the kids but gives parents a piece of mind knowing that their kids are safe and having fun.

Innovative Church Theater and Presentation Spaces for Engaging Young Minds:

Show families that you are dedicated to educating their children. A special space to watch informative videos (I still remember the excitement of watching Veggie Tales in my childhood) or listen to presenters is a great way to keep the attention of young children.

theater themed selfie stage in pediatric dentist office

Don’t just leave it up to the adults though! A theater or presentation area can be a space where children can express themselves creatively through drama, singing, dancing, and other performing arts. By participating in theater productions and presentations, children can build confidence and develop their public speaking skills, which can serve them well when they are sharing the Word with friends and families.

Cozy Church Seating – Custom Seating Made for Kids:

Custom seating specifically crafted for children can create comfy spots for them during services or classes. These seats don’t have to be expensive—even brightly colored bean bags or cushions would work perfectly!

By providing custom seating, your young patrons will feel included, comfortable, and secure knowing that they themselves have their own special spot during service.

Circular rock cladded stools with vinyl cushions.
Cladded underwater themed bench.

These custom seats can be themed to match bible stories to give your kids a more immersive experience when they attend mass. These seats can also be placed around your church to surprise newcomers and share the family-friendly environment throughout.

Enchanting Sculptured Characters – Enhancing Your Church’s Child Appeal:

Sculpted characters are a surefire way to be whimsical in any space! Whether it’s characters from bible stories or even just friendly animals that reflect your local wildlife, placing sculptures around your church will help make it more inviting for younger members of your congregation.

Are they reading about Daniel and the lion’s den?

Even better, these characters can act as great social media photo ops, helping to spread awareness of your church online.

Photo op for customers to promote your business on social media.
Photo op to promote your inviting church environment on social media.

Have an open space or a plain parking lot? Consider having a large landmark sculpture outside your church. These large-scale features can draw attention to your church and become memorable.

Giant sculpted whale landmark character on roof of pediatric dental office.
Don’t get swallowed by this giant sculpted whale landmark character!

Key Elements of Successful Churches: Building a Child-Friendly Environment

All successful churches have something in common — they recognize that creating an atmosphere of comfort and familiarity is essential when trying to attract new members.

By adding child-friendly decor, you’ll make your church stand out and also provide a welcoming space for your children to feel excited about the important lessons presented in every church service. This kind of atmosphere makes all the difference when it comes to growing your congregation — so why not give it a try?

Want to learn more about transforming your church into a sanctuary for children? Click here.

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Benefits of Themed Decor for Kids, Your Business, and Staff

Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to get started transforming your church into family-friendly sanctuary.



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What is a Themed Environment

Color and Light in Interior Spaces for Children with Autism

Orange Conference Interview with IDS Creative Consultant Erin

5 Steps Churches Can Take to Create a Family-friendly Atmosphere

Help grow your congregation by taking a few extra steps to create a warm and inviting space for families. By building a family-friendly atmosphere and using kid-centric decor, you can keep your existing members engaged and help new families feel welcomed, especially if their children may feel intimidated by the space when attending church.

Let’s explore the steps you can make to create a more welcoming space for families in your church.

Here are 5 Steps You Can Take to Create a Family-friendly Atmosphere in Your Church

1. Provide Activities and Spaces for Children

Youth-focused activities such as Sunday school, or youth groups will keep your younger members feeling more engaged, have a sense of community, and have a chance to build friendships. Creating collaborative events such as group volunteering or church preparations allow your kids to become more involved and grow their critical thinking skills to prepare them for the future.

Consider giving children their own space within your church that will allow them to have fun, feel safe, and leave a memorable experience to look forward to next time.

Providing a space for kids can include themed play areas, age-appropriate activities like slides for youngsters and video games for teens, or a hang-out room with child-friendly furnishings. These themed spaces can bring life into a room and leave a memorable impression on both kids and new families alike.

Something as simple as custom murals can make all the difference in a room. Using colorful murals and kid-friendly messaging on your walls can help ease the nerves and show new families that your church cares.

Take it one step further and add murals to your windows. This can help make your church stand out and set the tone for what’s expected to come.

View of cozy daycare room with backyard-themed glass window murals
View of cozy learning room with backyard-themed window murals.


2. Create Accommodations for Families

Offering amenities such as changing tables, nursing rooms, and children-sized bathroom fixtures are another great way to create a family-friendly environment within your church. Having these fixtures will create both a handy and thoughtful area for your members. Theming of these spaces with bright colors and images can add a vibrancy that can cater to your children.

3. Nurture a Sense of Community

Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment will help your members feel comfortable and want to stay within your community. Be proactive when it comes to connecting with your members and ensure that they feel invited and welcomed to participate.

Ways to encourage a welcoming environment can include inviting new patrons to community events or classes, providing them with information on ways they can stay engaged with the church, or connecting them with other members that have similar interests.

4. Encourage Intergenerational Connections

Encouraging connections throughout generations can build camaraderie within your church. Involving the older and younger members of your church to connect can create opportunities for learning life lessons, building trust, and developing new skills.

Hosting programs or events such as recreational sports leagues, weekly community gatherings or keynote speaker nights can provide opportunities for your members to grow and learn together regardless of age.

You can even create special presentations or theater areas for children to watch and learn from others in a fun and inviting atmosphere.

theater themed selfie stage in pediatric dentist office

5. Provide Resources for Families

Providing informational resources to your members will further show that you care and are involved with your community.

Informational resources such as parenting tips, extracurricular activities, and information on caregiving can be stepping stones to building a strong family-friendly environment. These resources can be physical through pamphlets and printouts or can be digital by hosting a newsletter or blog online for your church.

Transform Your Church into a Sanctuary for Families

By taking these 5 steps, you can welcome families old and new, helping to grow your church community. When new families come to visit your church, they will be happy to know that the church they attend is accommodating, caring and resourceful.

Building a friendly community doesn’t happen overnight but with the right amount of consistency and proactive initiatives, your new members will be right at home in no time.

Want more resources for making your church family-friendly? Check out the blog below.


Tips for Adding Themed Decor to Your Church

Creating a Sense of Fun and Nostalgia for The Next Generation of Kids

Attract Families to Your Church with Decor for Kids

Church Decor Inspiration Ideas for Kids

Benefits of Themed Decor for Kids, Your Business, and Staff

Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to get started transforming your church into family-friendly sanctuary.



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What is a Themed Environment

Color and Light in Interior Spaces for Children with Autism

Orange Conference Interview with IDS Creative Consultant Erin




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