Interview with Dr. Joe Yale

Tune in to an interview with Dr. Joe Yale, owner, and dentist at Yale Pediatric Dentistry.

Dr. Yale and his team work passionately to ensure their young patients view going to the dentist as a safe and enjoyable place for them to visit and set them up with the skills to successfully manage their oral health.

Together with Dr. Yale, we created a space for them to achieve this goal with each and every patient.

IDS: Is this your first IDS office?

Dr. Joe Yale: Yes, this is my first IDS office.

I always tell parents that their child is going to have teeth their whole life and hopefully go to the dentist their whole life so let’s start this thing off right. That is certainly at the heart of our mission. To introduce children to dentistry in a non-threatening atmosphere and I very much so wanted to be a mission-driven group.

That being said, we decided to go all out with theming our office to really accomplish that mission that a child walks in here and doesn’t think that a dental office is scary, and think this is a place I want to be.

IDS: Has your IDS theming helped you expand faster?

Dr. Joe Yale: I would say that the IDS theming has helped me expand faster, it’s a very inviting atmosphere that we can provide. It is certainly something that can be a part of our web presence, can be on all of our logos, and our mail-out materials, and just in terms of an external marketing standpoint, I feel like it packs a lot of punch. When the patients come here it’s certainly more amazing than they could have imagined.

IDS: What’s your favorite part of your office?

Dr. Joe Yale: My favorite part of my IDS theming is by far our treehouse in the reception area. I think it is in the perfect location as you walk in the door. It’s so big, there is a boat in front of it, there are primary characters that basically greet you as walk in, and it looks so realistic. It’s definitely the wow factor that we were going for.

IDS: Have your patients or their parents commented on your theming? If so, what have they said?

Dr. Joe Yale: I would say every single day patients and many parents comment on the office. Whether it’s the first time they’ve been here, or they’ve been here multiple times, they want to catch me and say “this is the coolest office I’ve ever been to” or “my child woke up this morning and said ‘can we go to the dentist today?’” I’m not really exaggerating that either, I think that’s a really cool thing for a kid to say and I realize it has to do with this space and all of the things for them to see and do, not necessarily me, haha, but that’s a part of it. But I would honestly say every day someone gives an encouraging compliment in terms of what we’ve done for this office for their child’s experience.

I think our all-out Louisiana theme provides a visual manifestation of how committed we are to giving the best level of customer service in a sense, but also the best level of experience that a child could have. This is all about the people, parents, and children that we take care of.

Cubby the Mascot.

IDS: How did you like working with IDS and what do you think about them?

Dr. Joe Yale: I worked with IDS for probably 2 years while I was working on architectural plans for the office and the site of the office and it was such a fun process. We started together in the conceptualization stage of the theme and all the little things came together. We really wanted to embody the whole Louisiana culture and we would have phone meetings, we met in person, we would have computer-linked meetings where the creators would send these sketches of ideas that I had, and we would just kind of play off of that. So, it was so fun doing something that was that creative and something that is really a new vision for your practice.

IDS: What are the benefits of office theming?

Dr. Joe Yale: I think there are many benefits to office theming. First is just the warm and inviting environment that it creates for the child. When they walk in the door and they see that you’ve gone all out to make this place very appealing to a kid they can automatically feel at home, we want them to feel at home. When the visuals and the activities aren’t there, it’s hard to really translate that. So I think it’s the comfort level that the child can have when they walk in the door.

I also think it makes a very recognizable kind of brand in terms of we do have a theme that has some continuity. It’s the Louisiana culture, and then there are these primary characters that we really play up and talk up to the kids and to the parents, and that’s reflected on our logos and website, and that’s something that IDS was able to provide in terms of the whole package that is your branding so to speak.

IDS: Would you recommend IDS office theming to your friends?

Dr. Joe Yale: I would recommend IDS office theming to anybody in the pediatric dentistry or orthodontic world. There’s no question that the translation from what you’re going for to what the parent and child see, is flawless. I think it is just an investment that is so well worth it in terms of you know, creating this overall experience for your patients, that you’re wanting to go create anyway but it just really shows your commitment to them having an incredible dental experience.

IDS: Did your employees get into the theme and have they enjoyed their work environment since the new IDS office?

Dr. Joe Yale: I would say for sure our team has really gotten into this theming thing. As I said the development of the theme took some time, so every time I would get a sketch from the IDS creators I would show it to my staff and we would get excited about the fact that we had this one character and this is what it would look like and we would brainstorm about it.

Then when it all came together and we saw the finished product it was way more amazing than we could have even imagined. And we had this opportunity to have this kind of storyline with the theme in terms of our mascot, cubby, and the other characters that really are these primary roles that every day as the assistants are taking care of a child they can really discuss the benefits of oral hygiene with them and they can incorporate our story we are trying to create into that discussion so it is really cool.

IDS: How do you feel about the quality of the IDS products?

Dr. Joe Yale: I can’t imagine the quality of the product that IDS delivered being any better. I felt like I knew what I was getting into in terms of the level of customer service, the level of quality in terms of how the murals would look, and in terms of how the characters would be built. But the way I describe it is just that it’s a world-class type of workmanship.

IDS: Do you get good value for your money?

Dr. Joe Yale: I truly think IDS theming provides amazing value for your money. Any time you build out space and you build a ground-up dental facility, there are a lot of costs associated with building that kind of specialty facility. And then to provide the environment that you are going for any way in terms of it just being an amazing visual experience for your patients, I don’t see anything you can do better to give more value to your goal of providing this and just making this amazing dental experience for your patients.

IDS: If you could get IDS to make you anything for your office and money didn’t matter because the sky was the limit, what would it be?

Dr. Joe Yale: I felt that working with IDS there were no limits, the sky was the limit in terms of what they could create for me.

That’s really the perspective I felt like we were working from. When we said let’s make this reception area look like a bayou with a treehouse, a boat, and the floor made to look like you’re on a lake, they did it.

So anything you can imagine, don’t think too small.

Dr. Joe Yale is board-certified by and a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. He is dedicated to providing each youngster with a positive experience and excellent care, to establish lasting oral health and comfort in the dental environment.

See the full office theme here.

Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to get started transforming your office from a mundane to magical patient experience. Or download our inspiring look book and start imagining the possibilities in your office.



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Interview with Dr. Bryan Morgan

The Benefits of Theming for DSOs

How to Attract Staff to Your Dental Practice… and Keep Them!

Interview with Dr. Bryan Morgan

Striving to offer his patients the highest level of care possible, follow along as we touch base on how Dr. Bryan Morgan accomplishes this goal with IDS theming.

Dr. Morgan owns and has themed two offices through our team, Children’s Dentistry of Manatee and Children’s Dentistry of Lakewood Ranch. His interview touches on the impact of how theming has helped his offices grow, helped his patients feel confident, created satisfaction in the workplace, and stood the test of time.

IDS: Why did you decide to add theming to your second office?

Well, Imagination Design Studios helped theme my first office and when we opened our second location it was only natural to work with IDS to theme that location.

The thought behind that was to continue to offer the same unique atmosphere as well as services to our children and their parents as we have been in the first location.

Check out Dr. Morgan’s first river themed office.

IDS: How has theming helped the practice in your opinion?

It gives us a unique identity and it helps establish a brand. When people think of Children’s Dentistry of Lakewood Ranch, all of a sudden the logo, the colors, the characters… all those things are the first thing that comes to people’s minds. So it really helps us set ourselves apart from other dental offices in the area.

IDS: What do you feel are the most important benefits of the theming?

When a child’s coming to the dentist it can be daunting and overwhelming. Having a unique theme that’s child friendly, that’s warm, that’s inviting, makes coming into the office feel like they are in a non-threatening area.

They’ve got gaming stations where they can immediately zone in and almost remove themselves from the fact that they are at the dental office. And so it really caters to making the kids feel comfortable right from the get-go.

IDS: Do you think that you are gaining new patients as a direct response to theming?

Absolutely the kids love it, the parents love it – they talk to their friends at school, and the parents talk to their friends on social media as well as at gatherings. I have no doubt that we are gaining new patients as a direct result of theming.

IDS: What do you feel has been the staff’s overall response to the theming?

They love it. As much as we do it for the kids, I am not going to lie and say that it doesn’t give us a certain level of satisfaction coming in, and a certain level of love for being in the office and providing our services in this space.

It adds that element of fun to what otherwise would be a run-of-the-mill, boring dental office.

IDS: Do you use the thematic aspect for marketing in the office?

I do. It shows off tremendously in photographs and video. The individuals that manage my online presence and “searchability,” Google listings, etc., make it show off very well. The colors, the precision, and the characters – we use them in all aspects of marketing whether it be print or digital.

IDS: What’s your favorite character that you have here?

My favorite area in the office (Lakewood Ranch) is actually the reception area. That’s where we have the most amount of our 3D sculptures. The Rabbit Sheriff guarding the jail next to the hay bale where our gaming station is located is definitely my favorite part of the office.

IDS: How do you feel that the theming has stood up over time? What do you think of the quality?

It is exceptional in terms of quality. We’ve had no problem with any of the 3D structures, we’ve had no problems with the murals and the adhesion to the walls, and it’s all been extremely durable and withstood the test of time as well as the test of children.

IDS: Overall, how would you say your experience was working with IDS?

IDS has been a phenomenal partner in my practice. I’ve been working with them for the better part of the last decade and they themed my first office in two phases and then themed my second office in a single phase.

I love working with super creative people, all I have to do is give them a direction, and all of a sudden they have a mockup, they have themes, they have colors, and they have characters. It’s really easy, low stress, and you know that you’re working with exceptional people who are delivering an exceptional product.

IDS: Would you recommend IDS to colleagues or friends or family in the future?

100% I would recommend. There’s nobody that I would want to theme additional offices other than Imagination Design Studios.

Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to get started transforming your office from a mundane to magical patient experience. Or download our inspiring look book and start imagining the possibilities in your office.

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Interview with Dr. Joe Yale

The Benefits of Theming for DSOs

How to Attract Staff to Your Dental Practice… and Keep Them!

The Benefits of Theming for DSOs

Dental Support Organizations (DSO) and Dental Group Practices are built by hard-working professionals who have established reliable partnerships to grow their business nationwide. They own and operate anywhere from 10 to 1000 dental practices.

Resourcefulness and efficiency are at the core of these organizations’ models – providing management and marketing support so location staff can focus on doing what they do best – providing quality care for their patients. With the combined knowledge and skills of everyone involved, this creates a well-oiled, efficient business.

Is this you? If so, it’s time to ask “What can I do to ensure success?”

Read along to uncover the added benefits of running a DSO or Group Practice, plus the new opportunities for the future of your operations with a secret ingredient that has proven to increase the success of dental offices – themed office decor.

What is IDS Theming?

IDS theming is the transformation of a mundane space into a magical place.

We specialize in the conceptualization, design, and creation of playful murals, engaging 3D decor, and interactive gaming for pediatric medical environments.




Many young patients experience high anxiety and stress when faced with dental and medical procedures. Themed healthcare offices can prevent and reduce patient anxiety, help create client satisfaction, secure returning clientele, and grow your business.

DSO locations and Group Practices reap the rewards of these benefits at a heightened level. Because they have multiple locations at once working under the same mentality of communicating dependable brand values and the promise of providing an exceptional patient experience through the deployment of consistent decor across the board. When people like what they see, their trust in your business is reinforced.

While you are noodling about your wildest theming dreams, continue reading to unveil in greater detail just how it can work for an organization.

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Create Consistent Brand Recognition Amongst Your Locations

Your brand is your “thing”. To have a strong brand you need to establish that “thing” you are known for and create a consistent experience for your clients location-wide. By eliminating the mundane and clinical stereotype of what a medical environment should look like, you are creating a stand-out brand for your business. That “thing” patients and parents will know you for is being fun & welcoming plus your endeavor to go above and beyond for their patient experience.

Before you came here, you already knew what you wanted your patients to think about you – that you care about providing them with the best of the best – the best care, treatment, and experience. Theming can help you create a consistent experience across your organization’s landscape.

Dr. Joe Yale, owner of an IDS themed office says it best,

I believe that our theme provides a visual manifestation of how committed we are to giving the best level of customer service and the best experience a child could have. It’s all about the people, the patients, and parents that we take care of.

Take this multi-location dental and ortho office as an example. The same reception desk, murals, and welcoming whale are found at each location. These familiar features make a friendly environment for patients, no matter which location they go to.

By taking the anxiety out of appointments with whimsical distractions, you’ll get parents talking – on social media, at family gatherings, and with their friends over coffee.

From Dr. Alexandra Jensen,

“We live in an age where the big thing online is the review it’s the facebook ads it, it’s the facebook mommy’s and just hearing word of mouth. That being said, I think the theme of the office gives parents something to talk about.”

And here’s how the process went for themed multi-office owner and CEO, Jennifer Kreidler-Moss,

IDS delivered exactly what we wanted. They took our grand ideas and turned them into cohesive themes suitable for our spaces and our budget. We loved customizing the small details and they walked us through the process every step of the way.

Each of her 11 locations has a different child-friendly sitting corner with fun seating and a branded photo op character.

Supercharge Your Marketing Plan and Make Your Building Your Biggest Advertising Asset

Speaking of photo ops, theming is a great way to add extra flair to your marketing materials and social media feeds.

Dentist and owner, Dr. Michael Lateiner has seen it with his own eyes,

Patients come into the office and are immediately comfortable and the parents can’t stop taking pictures. They made my office the talk of the town!!!

Photo ops, from characters to head holes to surfing waves, are a great way to get organic advertising for your business. Sharing photo ops with happy clients increase social media engagement. It also adds the benefit of ‘social proof’, the idea that consumers will adapt their behavior according to what other people are doing, and potential clients will see your business as trustworthy.

The most successful photo op is a mascot that represents your business. The dental market is now more competitive than ever, and you need to use all resources available to stand out from the crowd. Mascots are memorable, helping your brand become more recognizable. A branded mascot can increase a company’s profit and emotional connection with customers by up to 40.9%, according to Technicolour Creative Studio.

One of our most successful partners has created an entire magical world surrounding their mascots. Every location has a familiar face to greet visitors.

Exterior Landmark characters make a business’s exterior stand out visually to people passing by. They draw attention, stir conversation, and become a part of the community’s vernacular. “Turn right at the giant octopus” will become a common phrase heard around town.

Landmark characters completely changed the way owner Sheryl Wright saw her building,

“As a result of the theming, marketing has definitely improved. Even if patients cannot remember the name of the clinic, they know where we are and that our clinic is the fun place for kids to come play while they are waiting for their appointment. Telling patients it is the clinic with the octopus is an easy visual landmark to help them find us. This has helped get new patients through the doors.

Themed interior decor is a game-changer for creating marketing campaigns that stand out amongst the mass of dental reminder postcards and facebook ads. Featuring photos of your interiors with all the amenities you have to offer will get you noticed amongst the noise.

For Dr. Scott Savel, owner of 3 themed IDS offices, the horizon for future success is endless,

We found that theming has been instrumental in our success. By making the investment, it sets us apart. Especially in pediatrics, we walk into an area and we’re a category-killer in that area. We’re definitely planning on opening multiple offices and using theming for all of them.

Ultimately, when you have successfully established brand recognition within your clientele, they know who you are, what you do, and the level of service you provide – all the things they need to know to trust your organization which will help you grow your business.

Sensitivity to Ownership Changes

When you acquire an established practice, there are going to be existing patients and families that are connected and loyal to the previous provider.

With this in mind, as the buyer, you must be mindful of these existing clients’ feelings and find ways to communicate that the change in ownership will only make the place they know and love even better.

Change Can be Good

By joining up with a DSO, dental offices become infused with the latest in staff training, more efficient billing & insurance management, and access to modern technology. But those beneficial improvements might not be obvious to the average customer.

Decor upgrades to your space can be visual cues for patients to recognize this promise to improve their experience and help build their trust in your brand and services. By signaling your willingness to go above and beyond for the comfort of your young patients in ways the previous owners did not, you can help build those new relationships and create loyal customers.

Repeatability Makes Adding Unique Decor Easy

What we do over here at IDS is create original environments for our clients. With our team, you can develop a custom package of repeatable and on-brand decor for all of your locations.

From the initial design concepts, a Group Practice or DSO corporation is making an original, customized investment in their business. This investment is one that is unique to their brand but can be flexible in its conceptualization and execution so core design elements can be re-deployed across multiple locations.

We’ll be candid, there is a cost to the theming process. However, savings on economies can be amplified by theming all offices with the same foundational essentials – a mascot, desk cladding, repeatable wall murals, and more. Once design, brand, and execution are established, there is no starting from scratch when expanding to new locations.

For example, this carnival themed DSO has the same balloon-riding monkey photo op in each location.

Once the design is complete, we can adjust for size, position, and ceiling height in each location. We have installed 6 locations already, with 3 more locations getting themed this year, and more planned for the future.

The ROI From IDS Theming

Like we said, theming is a big investment, but it is an investment in your future success. The payback is unbeatable and our clients have experienced the difference themed decor makes in their businesses.

Even the independent dentists we work with have achieved so much success after theming they are able to open a 2nd, 3rd, or even a 7th or 8th office with the profits achieved from their first themed office.

From Dr. Bill Martin,

At first when I got into this I said to myself wow, this is a lot of money. But when I look at the benefits of it, it really is a marketing tool because you don’t have to put up a billboard when you have an office like this. I think undeniably this is the best marketing tool you can possibly use.

Check out the video below to hear what they had to say:

What’s Next for Your Business?

As previously mentioned, resourcefulness and efficiency are at the core of these organizations’ models. What’s next is asking if your offices are currently working for you in the best way possible to amplify your marketing and business success.

Theming helps add another level of resourcefulness and efficiency to your current business model by working to magnify and engage the added benefits you hold from running a DSO. Are you ready to take the leap?

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What to Include in Your Perfect Indoor Family Play Area

Tips for Creating a Presentation Area in Your Children’s Library

Creating a Sense of Fun and Nostalgia for The Next Generation of Kids

How to Attract Staff to Your Dental Practice… and Keep Them!

Pandemic-induced life changes have promoted a work-life balance reset for many, leading to media reports of a ‘great resignation.’

World Economic Forum

Is your dental office set up to grow with this mentality and cultivate a space that will draw in the best of the best to join your team and stick by your side?

Take a deep dive with us, and let’s determine how to:

  • Understand the current job hunter’s market
  • Review your company culture
  • Take actionable steps to generate an attractive work environment

Step Into The Mind of a Modern Job Hunter

In a recent poll conducted by the ADA Health Policy Institute designed to take the pulse of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and emerging issues in the American dental community, it was uncovered that recruiting dental hygienists and dental assistants continues to be challenging for dentists.

In fact, 90% of dentist owners reported that, compared to before the pandemic, it is extremely or very challenging to recruit dental hygienists. 85% of dentist owners find it extremely or very challenging to fill dental assistant positions when compared to before the pandemic.

It is no secret that in many professions the reaction to Covid-19 limited hours in the office, enforced work-from-home conditions, and even resulted in mass layoffs across the country. This was the new norm for anywhere from a month to the entirety of the last 2 years.

Now that we are slowly gaining traction back into a fully operating society, back to work is again an option. But it’s just that, an option.

The dental field was one of the most at-risk groups during the height of the pandemic, so many people took the chance to retire early or find alternative employment in a less risky field. There was a voluntary reduction of the U.S. dental hygiene workforce by about 3.75%, or about 7,500 dental hygienists, according to updated research from the ADA and the American Dental Hygienists’ Association. 

As we said, many offices had temporary shutdowns. It was no longer the 9-5 life, so priorities in day-to-day routines changed. For workers it was now family time, taking on hobbies that they’ve always wanted to do, or placing value on exercising. Whatever it was, it became a standard practice for them and the thought of a full-time job taking that enjoyment away is less than enticing.

So the challenge for employers becomes making coming to work worth an employee’s time.

This difficulty is heightened in the dental and medical fields. It is a strenuous environment requiring dedicated attention and skill that needs to be regularly exercised. Let’s face it, people’s health is in your hands and that is not something you want to handle half-heartedly.

With that in mind, you have to consider this time away has also induced anxiety around the loss of knowledge or skill alongside new expectations.

2022 job hunters want an environment that supports them, is flexible, doesn’t take away from their external passions, and that they will genuinely enjoy going to every day.

What does this look like to employers?

Review Your Company’s Culture

Your company culture is what you make it.

It is how the execution of actions and values come together to make the experience people feel when they come to work every day.

It is how you manage your employees and set expectations.

It is the thing that people consider when asking themselves, “Am I going to be happy working here?”

Yes, coming in to work is about getting a job done, but to make it fulfilling to do that job, you as an owner and their boss should also:

  • Encourage employee wellness, both mental and physical. Dental and medical work is stressful on the mind and hard on the back. Losing employees to medical leave is avoidable.
  • Provide meaning and purpose in the work you are doing. Working in healthcare and helping children is a noble profession that truly helps people. Help your staff remember they are working towards a greater good.

  • Create goals and rewards for hard work. Feeling good about helping people is good, but you must also make the job rewarding in monetary ways as well – bonuses, small gifts, or time off add up to a happy, loyal worker.
  • Encourage positivity and celebrate milestones, both personal and professional. Show that you care by making your staff feel special and appreciated.

  • Foster social connections and build friendships among your staff. If your staff enjoys the company of the people they work with, that will build loyalty and lasting employment.
  • Listen to their feedback on ways to improve your existing culture. Part of today’s issue is keeping current staff. Make sure the people working with you are happy now and you can worry about hiring new staff instead of just replacing missing staff.

Make your business the type of place people want to work. If you are a leader of your company your behavior has the power to largely influence the essence of your company’s culture. Take a moment to step back and ask…

What Type of Leader Are You?

As a leader, you have the responsibility of managing people’s daily realities. And perhaps most importantly, you have the capability to make or break a person’s time spent with your company.

Consider the following questions and challenge yourself to look at the influence you have on your team from a third-party perspective to assess whether your leadership skills have been positively effective:

  • Are your morals visible in your everyday actions? Be your most authentic self. Authenticity inspires authenticity Forbes. As a leader, be yourself and stand by your integrity. Your staff will appreciate knowing your expectations, and if positively applied this will incline them to conduct their efforts in the same direction.
  • Are you honest with your staff? The transparency and vulnerability that honesty reveals will let your staff know that they are trusted and that their insight is valued in the eyes of a leader.
  • How important is communication between you and your staff? Good communication can get the job done, but great communication can blow expectations out of the water. When people know what they are doing and what is expected of them it eliminates the middle man named ‘Confusion’ and productivity is increased.
  • How do you show fairness in your workplace? Be flexible with your staff’s needs both professionally and personally, award accomplishments, and address failure.

Unity in the workplace is established when a leader prioritizes creating an environment not only for the client but for the staff. A great leader can answer these questions with confidence that their staff will appreciate their answers.

One thing to remember is that being a great leader is not always a linear process, there will be ups and downs. But when you register that it takes a village to do the job, then you can start to adjust your approach to value this outlook.

What Makes a Company Attractive to Employees?

A Company with Good Reviews

We’re not talking about client reviews on Google and Facebook, although those can help potential employees get an overview of how your business operates when dealing with the public. There are also employee review sites that are great insights for potential workers. The two most popular sites are:

Search your name and find out what has been said about you. If there are any negative comments, now is a good time to address the issue. If there aren’t any comments at all, encourage your current staff to add on a positive review to make your business look more attractive to job hunters.

Prioritization of a Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is an important aspect of a healthy work environment. Maintaining a work-life balance helps reduce stress and prevent burnout in the workplace.


A good way to understand what “work-life balance” means to employees is to recognize that it is going to mean something slightly different to each of your employees. Take a look at the following infographic.

The fact of the matter is that the life we live cannot be summarized down to simply work and ‘the rest’, and it is naive to think that when an employee walks into work ‘the rest’ simply disappears. Daily chores, family obligations, visiting with friends, going to the gym, travel, and hobbies add up to a lot of ‘life’ that people need to balance with their job, which includes daily tasks, training, learning new technology, and networking with peers.

There is something to be said that excessive focus on something can drain our energy and result in a lack of interest. Take the initiative to get to know your employees, take an interest in their passions, and consider how as an employer you might work to honor these passions. Give your staff room to balance their work and life by:

  • Reinforce daily breaks to prevent burnout and injury.
  • Encourage vacation time to recharge.
  • Support personal expression.
  • Exercise compassion when ‘life’ creates personal struggles.
  • Prioritize health with competitive benefits packages.
  • Set up out-of-office events and team building during work hours.
  • Create a safe space for your employees to say no (i.e. no to overtime, or no to a promotion that will take up more of their time).

Be Your Staff’s Cheerleader

Part of being a good leader is generating confidence amongst your staff and in turn, they will feel their work is appreciated and their presence is valued – a recipe for an employee who is happy to come to work every day. Follow these three steps to cheer on your team:

  1. Be a mentor: Be someone your team can turn to for direction. When you establish an environment that supports your staff’s curiosity, then this positive reinforcement will incline them to continue developing their abilities in the workplace.
  2. Offer conducive training: Whether an employee is brand new or transitioning to a new role, ensure proper measures are taken for them to receive detailed training. This will prepare them to deliver on what’s expected and mitigate confusion.
  3. Provide an opportunity for professional development: Provide goals for your employees to work towards. For some, routines can get mundane. Entice your staff to grow with your business by awarding them for their hard work and offering incentives to take their skills to the next level.

Offer Competitive Salary and Benefits

As the ADA has uncovered, many offices are experiencing a staff shortage.

That being said, to attract and keep your employees you need to offer competitive salaries and benefits.

Do your research:

  1. What is the cost of living in your city?
  2. What are other offices in your area paying their employees?
  3. What personal/professional sacrifices might people be making to join your team?

This statement puts the power in the job hunter’s hands, but when you invest in your employees, your business grows.

Design an Enjoyable Workspace

Your office atmosphere can have a direct impact on the appeal your employees have towards coming to work.

Just like you don’t want to go home to a dingy, cold, dark basement, your employees don’t want to walk into a workspace that is anything but inviting.

Like the saying ‘look good, feel good’, coming to work in a space that is enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing will have your employees feeling empowered and motivated. It will also generate a sense of respect for the space and a desire to maintain order.

What can you do to your space to spruce it up?

  1. Bring in some greenery to boost the mood.
  2. Encourage employee workspace personalization to promote pride and ownership.
  3. Provide ergonomic work areas to promote health.
  4. Apply theming to create a friendly space that will make working with children easier and more fun.

What Does Coming to Work in a Themed Space Look Like?

Theming your space can bring magic to your business and joy to your guests. By putting young patients at ease appointments become easier, children become more cooperative, and the stress of a fussy patient is no longer a daily battle for your employees.

But it won’t just wow your patients, it will draw in and retain your staff too.

Imagine walking into work every day and being greeted by a giraffe holding a welcome sign? Well in this custom Imagination Design Studios safari-themed pediatric dental office the staff is privy to seeing it every day.

Safari themed reception desk with lemurs and a giraffe supporting a custom branch that reads 'welcome'.

Fresh out of University, Dr. Jensen didn’t just want to go to work every day, she wanted to spend her time somewhere that was going to bring a smile to her face day-in-day-out.

The theming definitely played a role in terms of my decision to join the practice. I came to visit the office, opened up the front door and it was just like a theme park.

I love working here, truly – it is a very well put together office. We know every other dental office tries to stay clean and organized, but I feel like having properly placed theming in an office gives us that edge where every day is fun and interesting.

– Dr. Alexandra Jensen

Read more about Dr. Jensen’s experience here.

Or consider what it’s like for an interviewee to walk into a vibrant and exciting reception area with a parachuting gorilla to welcome them.

My first expression walking into my office for an interview was WOW!! I wanted the job at first sight just by how the office appeared.

– Candace Chavez, Practice Administrator

When you have a unique space, people will fight to work in one of your themed offices.

Every time I open a new office, every one of my employees wants to work in the new office. They’re always so cool and so different.

– Scott Savel

Theming will help you find the right people with your same core beliefs.

Hiring pediatricians is no longer a challenge – once they set foot in the facility they want to work here because the decor speaks to our philosophy and dedication to helping kids.

– Mawish Baber

There’s no easy answer to finding good employees during a worker drought, but there is a secret weapon in making your office stand out to job hunters. Being surrounded by colorful and friendly elements in your workspace that you know will bring a smile to your face can set the tone for the entire workday.

I used to come into work through the back door and now I come in through the front door because it makes me happy for the rest of the day.

– Dr. Bill Martin

Use your office in your job postings. You’re not the only office hiring right now, and what better way to stand out than with your inviting, friendly workplace. You are offering a unique and exciting opportunity – something future employees will love to brag about. Don’t let it go unnoticed.

Adjust to New Expectations

Today’s economy is tough, it’s simple as that. As we navigate through a post-pandemic reality and, dare I say, the horizon of a potential recession, the workplace looks different for most. Expectations around what ‘work’ means and why employees should want to spend their time with your business has drastically shifted. Shift with this mentality and win them back – you run an exciting, fun, friendly business – show them what that looks like!

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Interview with Dr. Julie Russo – Building Her Dream Office

Today we’re talking to Dr. Julie Russo, pediatric dentist and owner of Clermont Pediatric Dentistry in Florida. She has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and attended Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine.

Back in 2014 IDS fabricated and installed safari theming in her office and outfitted her company vehicle. Dive into our follow-up with her 8 years later and hear about how the installation has benefited her business by turning a mundane space into a magical place.

IDS: Why did you decide to add theming to your space?

Dr. Russo: We decided to add theming to our office because it makes the space different from everybody else. So many local medical offices that I even go to are white and plain and that can be scary for a child. But coming into our office it’s bright, colorful, welcoming, and just fun. I think the parents love it and the kids love it.

We are also known as the “Animal Office” or the “Animal Dentist”. People always mention the elephant in the waiting room, and a lot of guests take pictures with him, so we’ve also become known for that in our community.

Ultimately, I think our theming really helps relax our patients and even the parents, and makes it feel like a more comfortable experience.

IDS: Why did you choose the safari theme?

Dr. Russo: I love animals and I think a lot of people love animals. This is our second office – we started in a smaller office that was themed on a much smaller level with some animals before moving to this one. When we moved to the bigger one we knew we wanted to include more animals in it.

I also have a degree in Zoology, so I figured it was a way to incorporate that into all of this, and I just think it’s fun for the parents and the kids and makes everything more comfortable and welcoming for them.

IDS: Do you have any reasons as to how theming has helped the practice? I.e. do you see more customer returns or more referrals from existing customers to new customers?

Dr. Russo: I think it has definitely helped the practice. It was one of those things that when we were building the office, a recurring discussion that happened between my husband and me was, “Do we incorporate all this? Do we not?” But I think it was definitely worth the investment.

It sets us apart from other offices and parents know that we’ve put a lot of work into our office and that we care about the way it looks and the way we present in the community as well. People talk about it too. A lot of kids say “I go to the Animal Dentist” so their friends want to go to the Animal Dentist as well.

We also have a car that IDS helped theme that looks like a rhino is riding inside. When we go downtown and people know that’s the Animal Dentist. We also bring it in parades and everything, and it is something we’ve become known for in town.

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IDS: What is your favorite area?

Dr. Russo: My favorite area is in the back of the office, we have a mural and it is my kids. IDS incorporated them into the office to make it a little more personal. So in the treatment area, there are cartoons – they are dressed in safari hats to go with the theme. That is my favorite spot for sure.

IDS: The theming itself is a few years old now, how has the theming stood up over time? What do you think of the quality?

Dr. Russo: The quality is excellent. Everything was installed in 2014 and it is 2022 now, so we are 8 years in. Kids have drawn on the walls with pens and it wipes off. They have climbed the elephant numerous times, and have even tried to hang from the monkeys! It gets a little crazy in here sometimes, but it has held up and honestly looks like it did the day it was installed. Nothing has faded or broken, it really looks great.

This is another reason why I can confidently say I would do it again in a second because the quality is outstanding.

IDS: Do you find with theming that patients are a little more relaxed?

Dr. Russo: I think walking into an office with white walls and seeing white coats makes everybody nervous. Coming here it feels more welcoming and kind of like a Disney theme. ­­

The bright colors and expressions of the animals are great, so when the kids come in they are definitely more comfortable. A lot of times they run over to the side with all the animals and play before their appointment.

The first time patients walk into our space they are surprised and I think they are very excited as well. Because you walk in and you are greeted by a big giraffe with a large welcome sign, and then you look to the right and there is a have a huge elephant and all sorts of animals too! It’s fun and I think they are just surprised and thrilled to be in a neat place.

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IDS: How do you personally feel seeing all the animals and their smiling faces?

Dr. Russo: I love it and I am really proud of it. It was definitely a big project, but I am grateful every day that we have it and truly happy that we decided to go for it. It was an investment, but definitely has given us a name and an identity and I would do it again 100%.

IDS: How has the staff responded to the theming?

Dr. Russo: It’s fun because it’s one of those things that when you first come into work it’s awesome. The space is relaxing, it’s bright, and I think we are really lucky to be working in such a nice environment every day.

IDS: Were there any previous issues that you can think of that the theming has helped solve?

Dr. Russo: Our theming just makes kids more relaxed overall. As I mentioned, our old office had a little bit of theming, but not as much. For this one, we decided to go all out and I think it makes everyone, including our staff, more comfortable. It is a nice place to work and a nice place to be.

IDS: Can you share any specific stories that you might remember over the years of children interacting with the characters?

Dr. Russo: In general, I think the biggest interaction children have in the clinic is with the elephant. They walk in and they see the giraffe of course, but they run over to the elephant because he is just gigantic! He is the main piece in our waiting room and gets climbed on all the time. We’ve even found kids on top of him! He is definitely the one that gets his photo taken most in the office.

He’s holding popcorn and a drink like he’s watching the TV. There is always a kid’s movie playing over there, so it’s like he is watching the movie with the kids.

IDS: Can I assume for moms or new moms that your space might be an “Instagramable” kids spot?

Our space, especially the elephant, has been great for social media because a lot of people post with him.

IDS: Do you use your theming in any of your marketing?

Dr. Russo: We use our theming in all of our marketing. Most of our ads have either the elephant or the tree in the background. We have our patients stand in front of the tree when we need to take photos of their charts.

Our movie theater ads, our billboard, and our car all incorporate our theme. Our logo also has our animals in it as well – the giraffe, lion, and elephant are how we are known. So with our logo and our theming, we really strive to incorporate it in all our marketing efforts so it all comes together.

IDS: Would you consider adding more theming to other spaces in the future?

Dr. Russo: I would not be opposed to it! We have our main areas themed; where the kids get their teeth cleaned, where the parents come in and out of the office, and in the waiting room. Some of our private rooms have different colors, but no theming so I would consider adding more!

My business partner and I, Dr. Alexandra Jensen, have also talked about updating our car, as well as the possibility of getting another. We were thinking we may have the two play off each other with the theming, so that may be up and coming.

IDS: What do you think are the most important benefits to theming.

Dr. Russo: I would have to say the most important benefits to theming are patient and parent satisfaction. It shows that we care about our office and that we put a lot into it. When people come to the office they are impressed and excited to be here, and I just think that’s what sets us apart from other offices in town.

IDS: Would you recommend IDS?

Dr. Russo: IDS was wonderful, I cannot say enough great things about them. From the beginning when we talked to them about what we wanted to do, we had just wanted to include the elephant. However, they came back with other ideas and you know, I just couldn’t say no to all the areas.

They were great to work with, the communication was wonderful, and they were timely. We had to ship the elephant from Canada and it did not delay our construction, opening date, or anything for that matter.

Everything was done really well, the people who came up to install it were from south Florida, and again, were timely, professional, and got the job done when it was supposed to be done. The quality is outstanding, and after 8 years is still bright and intact even though it gets lots of wear and tear.

It was a wonderful experience working with IDS for sure, I would highly recommend them to people wanting to theme a space, they are just wonderful, they really are.

Curious to see more of the Clermont Office? Check out our interview with Dr. Russo’s partner, Dr. Jensen.

Or check out the featured office photos here.

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Interview with Dr. Alexandra Jensen – Joining a Themed Office

Our team got together with Dr. Alexandra Jensen, a partner and dentist at Clermont Pediatric Dentistry in Florida. Dr. Jensen holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and received her doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine.

The IDS team installed safari theming throughout the Clermont clinic back in 2014 ­– Dr. Jensen joined the office straight out of school, missing the foundational theming process, but was excited to find herself starting her career in a thrilling new workplace. Follow along as we ask about her experience working in this environment and uncover how IDS theming has helped her business over the years.

IDS: Why did you decide to add theming to the space?

Dr. Jensen: I was not a part of the decision to theme as I had not yet joined the practice, but I will say that it definitely played a role in terms of my decision to join the practice. I came to visit the office and opened up the front door and it was just like a theme park.

IDS: In your opinion why was a Safari theme chosen?

Dr. Jensen: We work with a pediatric population and have kiddos all the time who bring in stuffed animals – elephants, monkeys, zebras, anything you can imagine. I think coming in and seeing real-life sizes of animals that match the stuffed animals that they have is super cool for the kids.

IDS: How do you think theming has helped the practice thrive?

Dr. Jensen: I think our theming has given our practice a name. In the community, we are known for what we do because of the theme of our office. It has become our brand.

For example, we are known as Dr. Julie and Dr. Alexandra at Clermont Pediatric Dentistry, but we are also known as the “Elephant Dentist” or the “Animal Dentist”. All of that came to be from and through IDS.

I’ve been at the practice for 7 years now and any communication that I’ve had with the IDS team has been wonderful – they are informative, on time, very fast, and organized. It’s been no small feat to make sure that our office is organized and set up to the nines in regards to everything that we need to do, and they made it happen.

IDS: You mention kids sometimes bring in a plushy toy from time to time and are wowed by the real-life versions in your office. How do you think that patients may be more relaxed than in traditional pediatric offices?

Dr. Jensen: I would say the big things that stick out in our office are the animals coming out of the ceiling, the wall, or the monkey coming out of the glass. These animals help make light of any situation.

As a dentist, the dental office is not a scary place for me, but as a patient, it’s a place where at a young age or even during their teenage years, they come in and think what are you going to do to me not for me. However, I like to think that if I was their age and I walked into an office with a monkey bursting through the glass I would start to laugh and feel eased about the situation.

I feel that there is a lot of power in laughter and smiles, and when kids see these characters it brings that fear down because it puts a smile on their faces that is so big.

IDS: How would you describe the reactions of patients when they come to this place for the first time? Are there any specific instances that stick out to you?

Dr. Jensen: I would say the most memorable interactions that I’ve had have been with patients that have come in super anxious and worried about an appointment – some tears may have been involved. But they are able to walk into the office and see the theming, and it’s something that is common ground for them to take their mind off their worries and talk to the people in the office about. Something along the lines of “I saw the monkey in the glass!” or “I sat with the elephant and took a picture with him!”

It’s a matter of these patients remembering the characters that are in the office. I know in particular when we do restorative appointments, we have stuffed animals for support in the back, and some kiddos come in and can name these stuffies and our characters!

You know, I joke during consults with parents saying, “You know, it’s not Disney World but we try to make it as fun as possible.” Having theming most definitely helps with that.

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IDS: Are you gaining new patients as a response to the theming?

Dr. Jensen: We live in an age where the big thing online is the review, it’s the Facebook ads, it’s the Facebook mommies, and just hearing word of mouth. That being said, I think the theme of the office gives parents something to talk about when they come to our office – what their children loved and enjoyed.

Parents can also tell their kids more than they are going to the dentist. They can tell them they are going to the place with the elephant, that they are going to watch a movie, and that they are going to have such a good time! So I think the theme itself just fosters that warm inviting environment.

IDS: Do you think there is something to be said about the return of current customers and their satisfaction level as well as gaining new customers? I say this because we live in an area adjacent to theme parks that are very historically very exciting.

Dr. Jensen: I would say we definitely live in an area where children are used to having a theme park in their area. We have Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld, and Lego Land and kids love visiting them. I feel like being able to theme the office in a similar way where they can come and see the animals, hold a stuffed animal during a restorative procedure, or sit in a chair and look at the kiddos on the wall on a safari tour gives them a trigger in their mind to say that this is fun, familiar and is different than I expected it to be.

Like I said before, we are not Disney or Universal, but we are a place that can be fun! It is a place where kids can find components in the office to find interest in, whether it be the elephant or the bamboo on the wall or the games – it is something memorable to them.

Kids have an amazing memory and a way of processing things in a way that adults don’t. When patients come into the office, they can find something fun that imprints on their little brains and it is something to remember and associate the dentist with. I’d much rather have a child associate a big elephant with the dentist, rather than something that is challenging like having a tooth extracted. So I think theming in that respect is very important. Our environment gives them an opportunity to make an association that is positive and familiar with doing something that they enjoy doing outside the dental office, like visiting a theme park.

IDS: What have you seen from the staff that is a response to the theming?

Dr. Jensen: I love working here truly ­– it is a very well put together office. We know every other dental office tries to stay clean and organized, but I feel like having properly placed theming in an office that is kept up to date and clean gives us that edge where every day is fun and interesting.

Every room is a bit different and in those rooms, there’s something for me to find joy in and put a smile on my face.

Like I said, we work in a dental office, and sometimes that is not considered the most fun environment because of what we are doing – we are extracting teeth, fixing teeth, and cleaning teeth. But we make it fun because we consider our staff our family and by theming the office this way it makes it feel more familiar and like home.

IDS: What is your favorite themed character or area in the office?

Dr. Jensen: I love the monkey in the glass because I feel like it sparks the imagination side of every patient. They want to know how the monkey got there and if it really broke the glass. It’s so fun to see the little wheels in their heads just turning and seeing them facing the reality of, “oh my goodness there’s a monkey there!”

IDS: How do you think the quality of the theming has stood the test of time?

Dr. Jensen: I think it is amazing. To be honest with you, it is something that from day one, until now that I haven’t seen a lot of change or wear and tear happen to. You are going to have a lot of wear on tables and chairs that patients, parents, and staff are going to sit on. But the theming itself has been amazingly resilient, and any concern that we’ve had with the theming has been corrected immediately.

And may I add, that the concerns have not been because of the failure of IDS. It has been something where a patient has hung on the elephant and we needed to fix a part. So overall, it’s been amazingly resilient in keeping its color and design and making the office beautiful.

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IDS: Do you think there are any previous issues that the theming has helped solve. What are the main advantages?

Dr. Jensen: I think our theming brings the office to the next level. It gives the office the opportunity to imprint on our patients, as well as show the parents we care about the surroundings and environment that we are treating their kids in.

Walking in and seeing white walls in a pediatric office is something that is going to seem generic and hospital-like, and this can be scary for patients. Walking into a themed office gives patients the opportunity to enjoy the time in our space and feel comfortable in it.

They can sit and wait for their appointment, take in the scenery, watch a movie, hang out with the elephant, or play a game and this fills the void between them and their upcoming appointment.

IDS: How have you used the safari theme to continue your branding efforts beyond your space?

Dr. Jensen: Right now, Dr. Julie drives what we like to call the pediatric dental mobile. It is a car that IDS helped us outfit with a little horn on the roof that looks like it’s coming from a rhino squished inside.

Branding wise this car has been big in terms of the community. When you see the vehicle driving around it is always “Oh my goodness it’s Dr. Julie my dentist!” or “It’s the Elephant Dentist!” so the car is definitely something that has transitioned our theme from the office out into the community.

We can have an ad anywhere online or even on a billboard, but it’s not going to be the same as driving on the road next to the dentist or seeing the car out in the community.

We are talking about possibly doing two separate vehicles, one for her, and one for myself. We’ve been in contact with IDS and it’s going to be exciting to see where that is going to go next and spark some more discussion in the community.

IDS: What do you think are the most important benefits overall to theming a space? 

Dr. Jensen: I think theming a space makes it more like home. Theming this office as a safari makes Clermont Pediatric Dentistry home for its staff members who we consider our family, and it makes it home for our patients who we also consider part of the family.

I also think it gives us a physical touch of the identity we have created in terms of communicating our goals to the community ­– that we provide quality dental care from the heart. And we are showing our patients this by making our space a warm and welcoming environment.

IDS: What has your experience personally been when working with IDS?

Dr. Jensen: IDS has been wonderful. Every communication that I have had in terms of emails, I get an almost immediate response which is wonderful. We live in a day and age where it is sometimes hard to get in contact with any business or individuals because we have busy schedules and I will say that every contact I have made email-wise has been phenomenal. They are organized, on time, and answers every question dotting their I’s and crossing the T’s.

IDS: Would you recommend working with IDS?

Dr. Jensen: I would recommend working with IDS to others. If for no other reason, it is just so fun to see.

Curious to see more of the Clermont Office? Check out our interview with Dr. Jensen’s partner, Dr. Russo.

Or check out the featured office photos here.

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Interview with Dr. Brett Pack – A Themed Office is a Blessing

Today we’re talking to Dr. Brett Pack and following up with him 2 years after we installed underwater theming in Moses Lake Community Health Center. Find out how the center has benefited from the addition of fun and colorful themed decor.

Watch the video to hear from Dr. Pack and marketing manager Stephanie Melcher and see a tour of their undersea themed health center. 

IDS: Why did you decide to add theming to your space?

Dr. Pack: We decided to add theming to our space because we wanted to do something that would set us apart from the other clinics around us and in town. We really wanted to add theming to make our clinic an inviting place for the kids to want to come and get their dental care. Obviously, dental care can be a scary thing for a lot of people and we really wanted to take some of that fear out of it by making it a fun and inviting atmosphere.

IDS: How has theming helped the Community Health Center?

Dr. Pack: I think it helped give us an identity. A lot of people don’t know about Community Health Centers and a lot of people in our town don’t know that we’re even located here up on the hill. I feel like the theming we’ve done helps people to know that we’re here and put us on the map in Moses Lake.

IDS: Do you find that patients are more relaxed when entering the Community Health Center?

Dr. Pack: Definitely! I think that they are a lot more relaxed. This environment has a lot more color, it’s a lot more inviting, and they come in and they’re just wowed by all of the theming. That makes it easier for them to be relaxed about getting dental care. 

IDS: How would you describe the reactions from patients when they come into the office for the first time?

Dr. Pack: The patients are in awe, and not just the kids, the adults also. When they first walk in and they start going up the stairs and they see the whales they just light up. They’re amazed and they can’t stop talking about it. When they come back to the operatory and we let them back in the back they often comment on how amazing it is and how they really love the theming.   

IDS: Are you gaining new patients as a direct response to theming?

Dr. Pack: That’s really hard to quantify but I would say that we are. I think that anytime you get good word-of-mouth from current patients that that helps bring in other patients. Our schedules are full at the Moses Lake location and they keep getting fuller. Our dentists are very busy, our hygienists are very busy and we’re getting new patients pretty much every day. In fact, we’re getting so many new patients that sometimes it’s hard to find places on the schedule for them.

IDS: What has the staff’s response been?

Dr. Pack: The staff takes a lot of pride in our clinic. They love our space. They feel blessed to have it. Especially all of us that were here in our old space. Our old space was much darker, lacking in color, it was more stark and sterile. This is definitely something for the staff to be proud of and I think that they are. Everybody works really hard to keep all of our equipment and finishings very nice so it looks new. We’re about two years in and it still looks like the day they put it in. 

IDS: How do you personally feel seeing the theming every day?

Dr. Pack: It makes me smile. It makes me happy. I was heavily involved in the planning process, and I’ve been here for many years so I remember what we were like downstairs and even though we had a professional work environment it was just different. Every day I come up here and I’m happy to be here. I feel blessed to have this nice clinic and the theming just really adds to that. I think it just makes it a more professional space. 

IDS: What previous issues has theming helped solve?

Dr. Pack: I would say that we have a lot of anxiety. A lot of patients come in for dental emergencies, we see a lot of kids. I would say this has definitely helped reduce their anxiety, give them something to get their mind off the procedures and their fears, and really focus on something fun and upbeat. So I think it has done a good job in helping our patients feel more comfortable in our clinics. And like I said about identity. I feel like it helps give us an identity and sets us apart from the many dental clinics that are around, and other health centers that are around also.

IDS: Would you consider adding more theming to other areas in the future?

Dr. Pack: Definitely! We have talked about adding more theming to other areas. I think it makes the space more professional, more inviting, and I would like to see it continued not only in other spaces here in Moses Lake but at our other clinics as well. We would like to do something in Quincey to make that space very inviting for the kids and for the families. So definitely would want to add more. I would like to add some finishing touches to some of the things that we’ve done here. Maybe add a few more characters in the back office to match with the operatory and murals we have in there.  

IDS: What do you think are the most important benefits of theming?

Dr. Pack: The most important benefit of theming is the effect that it has on the families, and especially the kids. They love coming here, they love seeing the characters and they love interacting with the toys. It just makes it a place they want to come to and they want to be. That makes doing dentistry easier because they’re focusing on some things that they think are less scary and that allows us to do the work that’s so important. It helps us to really improve their oral health because this is a place that they want to come to and they want to keep their appointments, they want to come back. The parents don’t have a hard time when their kids want to come to their dental appointment.

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IDS: How was your experience working with IDS?

Dr. Pack: IDS was really great to work with. They listened to us, they listened to our concerns, they gave us great ideas. When we were first trying to decide what we wanted to do and they came back with some of the under-the-sea drawings, we had some concerns that maybe it would be too kid-friendly and uninviting for adults. They took that into account and they used that in their design. I think we came up with something that is very inviting for adults and families, not just the kids. They were awesome to work with and they came up with an amazing product.

IDS: What do you think of the quality?

Dr. Pack: The quality is amazing. I initially thought “it’s going to be some kind of foam” and I thought “how is this going to hold up” and I had some concerns, but honestly it looks brand new. We have some areas that the kids really interact with. Our look-out mast that is a round circular sea with the turtle and spyglass – the kids just climb all over it. You would think that it would look kind of beat up after two years but it looks brand new. So the quality is very high, it holds up well, it looks amazing.

IDS: Would you recommend IDS?

Dr. Pack: I would recommend IDS for anybody that was putting some kind of medical clinic together. I would recommend it for anybody that is trying to cater to kids and their needs and their unique personalities. So definitely.

Dr. Brett Pack is the Chief Dental Officer at Moses Lake Community Health Center, a non-profit, community-driven and patient-centered health care organization. 

See the full office theme here.

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New Children’s Hospital Gets a Little IDS Magic

We’re taking a peek inside the Andalusia Clinics For Kids Wellness, a beautiful multi-level children’s hospital with IDS theming from top to bottom.

Andalusia Clinics For Kids Wellness is a facility for kids offering specialized pediatric clinics offering both dental and medical services, the Autism Wellness Center, education, and fun.

New Children’s Hospital Gets a Little IDS Magic

IDS had the pleasure of theming all four floors of the clinic, creating two play areas, reception areas, extensive murals on every floor, plus decor for the dining hall and mezzanine.

– Mahwish Baber, Operations Director

“We fell in love with the work IDS does the first time we saw it and knew it was perfect for our mission. Our clinic is dedicated to the health and developmental needs of kids. The facility is themed to attract kids and create a sense of well-being from the moment they walk through the doors.”

Hippo mascot at the 1st floor reception desk.

Play area in a waiting area.

How Theming Has Helped This Clinic

“The theming has helped in every aspect of the clinic. Hiring pediatricians is no longer a challenge – once they set foot in the facility they want to work here because the decor speaks to our philosophy and dedication to helping kids. In terms of marketing, everything we do revolves around the theming. We’ve turned the 3D characters into mascots and even print them on the lab coats to make them look less ‘clinical’. All the photo ops have hashtags. Our promotional videos are so colorful. Not to mention what it has done for the kids.”

“The kids love the theming. The kids that visit us have started referring to the clinic as “The Fun Center” cementing our desire to make this a place of wellness and development, not a place they are forced to visit.”

What Issues Did Theming Solve in This Clinic

“My work on the clinic included research asking parents of children with different needs what was missing in their care to make our clinic more welcoming. After learning that members of the IDS team also have children with varying abilities I knew that they too had insight into what could make the clinic better. Their suggestions were invaluable, such as using silhouette murals within our autism ward, so that children who are uncomfortable with eye contact aren’t surrounded by characters.

“I really connected with my account manager Elizabeth as it was all about the kids, not trying to make a sale. We had the same goal in mind – to create a sense of well-being.”

Get a great tour of the office in their promotional video.

Check out the photo gallery of this amazing Children’s hospital in the IDS photo tour gallery. 

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Invest in Your Patients

Valuing your patients and their families sets them up for a lifetime of positive health outcomes. And the environment you create can help you achieve a better patient experience.

  • Reduce patient anxiety and enhance their relaxation
  • Prime patients and families for their appointments
  • Create positive dental care experiences

Invest in Your Business

Maintain your edge in the crowded dental service space. Attention to details in your niche can transform your environment and overall patient satisfaction…whatever your dental niche.

  • Create “buzz” in the community you serve
  • Accelerate patient referrals
  • Generate positive online reviews
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Interview with Dr. Diya Chadha – Kids Won’t Even Know They’re At The Dentist

Dr. Diya Chadha is the co-owner of 3 IDS offices, including one with jungle office decor and an undersea office.

Watch the video to see a tour the beach themed office decor. 

IDS: How did your new IDS beach dental office change the perception of your patients? 

Dr. Chadha: Having our offices themed by IDS was probably the best decision we ever made. The colors and the decor and the theming makes the office so much more friendly and welcoming and half the time the kids don’t even realize they’re at a dentist’s office. They think it’s a play center or a positive, fun environment for them, so it was definitely the best decision we ever made. 

IDS: Do you think the parents feel more relaxed bringing their kids because of the theming? 

Dr. Chadha: Oh absolutely. I can’t tell you how many times we had parents come in and say, “Well, can I be a patient here?”, “This is so fun” or they say, “How come I never had anything like this when I was growing up?” So it definitely does attract the parents and makes them more comfortable knowing that this office is catered to their children. 

IDS: Would you recommend IDS to other businesses that deal with children? 

Dr. Chadha: I think IDS is a necessity now. It’s necessary for offices dealing with children to provide an environment that is gonna be fun and friendly and relieve any anxiety that the children may have. So it’s a definite yes. 

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IDS: How do you feel about the quality of the product?

Dr. Chadha: I think the quality’s excellent. We’ve put the quality to the test and we’ve had kids running and jumping and pulling on things and you know what? Its stood the test of time and so far so good. So I would say it’s top notch. 

IDS: Has your practice increased due to passersby? People seeing the theming, coming in, and checking it out? 

Dr. Chadha: People are always intrigued. They walk by and they see this very unusual, friendly, fun looking place and a lot of kids think it’s a play center. So just that mystery about what it is, is enough to attract the attention for people to come in to see what the office is all about.

IDS: If you could plan a whole new office, what kind of theme do you think you would go for?

Dr. Chadha: Ooh, that’s a tough one and I have thought about it because I’m ready to do another fun office! I like the barn theme, so some barn animals and other fun critters, I think that would be fun. 

IDS: If you could get IDS to make anything, sky’s the limit, what would get them to add to this office? 

Dr. Chadha: Some giant character on the roof! And a car to match my office, that’s what I’d like.

Read the interview with Dr. Chadha’s business partner Dr. Karim Kanani to hear about the jungle and underwater offices they also built.

Dr. Chadha is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she received her Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree. Her passion for providing a positive dental experience to each child she treats is always evident, and she brings a mother’s touch to her care.

Invest in the full potential of your office and become an IDS success story like Dr. Diya Chadha.

Invest in Your Patients

Valuing your patients and their families sets them up for a lifetime of positive health outcomes. And the environment you create can help you achieve a better patient experience.

  • Reduce patient anxiety and enhance their relaxation
  • Prime patients and families for their appointments
  • Create positive dental care experiences

Invest in Your Business

Maintain your edge in the crowded dental service space. Attention to details in your niche can transform your environment and overall patient satisfaction…whatever your dental niche.

  • Create “buzz” in the community you serve
  • Accelerate patient referrals
  • Generate positive online reviews

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Interview with Dr. Karim Kanani – The Benefits of a Change in Atmosphere

Hear from Dr. Karim Kanani about how the atmosphere has changed in his offices since he added jungle and underwater themed murals and 3D from IDS.

My name is Dr. Karim Kanani I am co-owner of SmileTown Dentistry. We have 3 locations themed by IDS.

Our first office is a jungle themed office. We have added a lot of murals and 3D artwork. When the patients come into our location, they are immersed in a jungle themed environment, which is a very entertaining and non-threatening area, as opposed to a regular dental office.

Our second location is underwater themed. It is very calming. Kids are automatically put at ease once they first enter.

IDS: What do you feel the difference that this office theming has made on the atmosphere?

Dr. Kanani: Upon theming our office with IDS we realized the office atmosphere had changed a lot in terms of our patients. When they come into the office they were really amazed as to how the atmosphere had made it really friendly. By doing the theming from IDS we realized that it changed their attitude and their perception of what they see and feel when they come to a dental office.

IDS: Do you feel that the reaction of your patients when they come to you is a lot more easygoing now that you have theming?

Dr. Kanani: Yes, I feel like when the parents and the patients first enter into the office, they get a sense that this is not your regular dental office, it’s themed, it’s very fun and entertaining. So when they do meet me at the end of the hallway, they are already put into quite a relaxing mood.

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IDS: Do you feel that your employees have gotten into the theme and enjoyed the work environment?

Dr. Kanani: Our employees love this space because it’s very relaxing for the patients. The colors are very vibrant so the kids feel like they’re in an amusement park and it really puts everyone into a good mood when they come into the office to get work done.

IDS: Has your practice increased in foot traffic or just from people hearing about the theme?

Dr. Kanani: I would say that the patient flow has increased quite a bit from people who are just walking by our office, as they do look inside. They see all the murals and the 3D artwork and they’re very curious as to what’s going on, so a lot of them will just come into the office directly and find out what this place is. At first, they think it’s an amusement park of some sort, but once they find out it’s a dental office for kids, they are quite surprised.

Reception area with amazing coral front desk that welcomes patients.

IDS: How do you feel about the quality of the product and the whole experience of dealing with IDS?

Dr. Kanani: Our experience with working with IDS has been excellent, they were a great source of knowledge in helping us design all our theming features, as well as the quality and craftsmanship of their work has been excellent. It’s very, very top-notch. All the murals, all the 3D artwork, it’s professionally done and we’re extremely happy with our product.

IDS: What’s your personal favorite part of your office?

Dr. Kanani: My personal favorite part of the underwater office would probably be the waiting area, where we have the 3D coral reef along with the windows and our mascot, the pug there, looks like it’s underwater. All the patients and parents come in and usually their first word is “wow!”. I like the “wow” factor.

In the jungle office we have a built-in theater room. We have kids movies running all day long. What this does is allows the kids to be in a relaxed environment as they’re waiting for their dental appointments and also again, put them at ease. The parents really love it too as well because they can have their other kids that are not being treated also relax in that area while their other kids are being treated.

Read the interview with Dr. Kanani’s business partner Dr. Karim Kanani to hear about the beach office they also built.

Dr. Kanani is an accomplished dentist. He has a passion for working with children and providing the best possible treatment in a professional and caring environment.

Invest in the full potential of your office and become an IDS success story like Dr. Karim Kanani.

Invest in Your Patients

Valuing your patients and their families sets them up for a lifetime of positive health outcomes. And the environment you create can help you achieve a better patient experience.

  • Reduce patient anxiety and enhance their relaxation
  • Prime patients and families for their appointments
  • Create positive dental care experiences

Invest in Your Business

Maintain your edge in the crowded dental service space. Attention to details in your niche can transform your environment and overall patient satisfaction…whatever your dental niche.

  • Create “buzz” in the community you serve
  • Accelerate patient referrals
  • Generate positive online reviews

Learn how you can help improve your patient experience with: A Practical Guide to Creating an Exceptional Patient Experience

Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to get started transforming your office from a mundane to magical patient experience. Or download our inspiring look book and start imagining the possibilities in your office.

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