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small plus icon What is the first step?

Call us for a free consultation. You are encouraged to ask us any questions and our sales team will ask you about your space, budget and theming ideas. After that, we’ll set up an online meeting to go in-depth with photos and further questions.

small plus icon When should I call?

You can call us anytime; however, the earlier the better to ensure that deadline expectations are met. We recommend calling us at least 6 months to a year in advance depending on the scale of your building and the complexity of your theme.

If you are still in the development stage of your office, we can discuss theming ideas and begin sketching once you have floor plans.

small plus icon Construction is already finished/my grand opening is soon/my office is already open - is it too late to call?

No, it’s never too late to call us. At IDS, we do everything we can to meet your deadline. If your dental office is already up and running, we can create a date for a ‘grand opening’ or ‘theme reveal’ when your exciting, newly themed office is ready to show to the public.

small plus icon How much does a themed office cost?

All of our themed elements are custom built. Prices vary depending on design, scope and complexity. We have created themed spaces from $5,000 to over $800,000. At Imagination Design Studios, there is something for everyone, and we happily work within your budget.

small plus icon Does IDS theme more than dental offices?

Absolutely! We have experience in creating a wide range of themed environments including manufacturing 3D displays for retail locations, amusement parks, medical clinics, hospitals, and optometry offices.

Have a theming idea? Contact us for a free consultation!

small plus iconCan I finance my office theming?

Most of our clients finance their theming through local funders. IDS products can be included in your building cost, which makes talking to your bank easy. We recommend working with a local funder who will understand the long-term benefits of an investment in office theming. We also recommend working with Bank of America Practice Solutions as they are familiar with our products.

small plus icon What forms of payment does IDS take?

For orders under $5000 we accept Visa, Master Card, and PayPal.

Orders over $5000 can be paid by check or wire transfer.


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small plus icon How long is the fabrication process from beginning to end?

Each office is unique and depending on the design, scope, and complexity of a project, the timeline can change significantly. Nonetheless, a typical office project at IDS takes 6 to 9 months from beginning to end.

small plus icon Will a consultant visit my office?

Technology has enabled us to offer our services remotely, so a site visit is not necessary. Using the latest tech, you will feel like you are in our studio while we build your office theme. We make sure to stay connected through online meetings, phone calls, e-mails, and plenty of in-progress photos and videos.

We will guide you through every step of your office design process so you feel connected and confident that the work we do matches your vision, regardless of distance.

small plus icon Is my office too small for IDS to theme?

No! We design theming for any office size, large or small. We have created themed environments for offices ranging from 1100 sq/ft to 24,000 sq/ft. The benefit of our completely custom themed spaces is that we will create theming to fit your office! Please visit our projects page for examples of different sized theming projects.

small plus icon Will theming work for older patients?

Yes. Themed environments are perfect for all ages. At IDS, we are happy to design a unique office with an older client base in mind. If you are an orthodontist, or a dentist with maturing patients, contact us to find out how we can help theme your practice!

small plus icon Can you create designs based off of my own characters?

Yes. We would be happy to create a theme or characters from any non-copyrighted artwork you supply. Have a favorite pet or animal? We can incorporate them into your office design as well.

small plus icon Does IDS have a warranty?

Yes. Imagination Design Studios products are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for two years. All electronics supplied by IDS have a one-year manufacturer's guarantee. Contact us for more information.

small plus icon Is maintenance required?

There is very little maintenance necessary to keep a themed office looking great. A light dusting is all that is required to take care of 3D theming. All of our three-dimensional displays are protectively coated and our custom murals have a protective laminate allowing them to be spot cleaned with soap and water if necessary. If a more thorough cleaning is required, bleach can also be used on most products.

small plus icon Can you work with my architect or interior designer?

Yes. We will work directly and collaboratively with the other members of your project team.


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small plus icon What is the 3D theming made of?

Our custom props are made of lightweight foam with wood and steel for the internal structure. They are protected by a very durable hard shell and then finished with a high quality paint and clear coat. Smile Tiles, Wall Busters and Peek-a-Boo Tiles are made of a high quality resin.

small plus icon What are Insta-Theme products and how do they differ from your custom products?

Unlike our custom theming, our Insta-Theme products are pre-designed items that cannot be customized. These products are also easily installed without the help of the IDS Install team.

Insta-Theme products include Chew on This fun fact boards, Wild Welcome wipe off boards, Brushing Mirrors, and 3D accessories called Wallbusters and Smile Tiles.

small plus icon What are Express Murals and how are they different from your normal murals?

This handy chart explains the difference between these two types of murals.

Express Wall Murals are an easy way to transform any size of space using an online tool that allows you to choose a specific section of mural to fit any wall. These murals come in our two most popular themes: jungle and underwater.

Express Murals are printed on a fabric-based material with adhesive backing that can be installed yourself. Our custom murals are printed on a laminated medical-grade vinyl that must be applied by a 3M certified installer.

Visit IDS Express Wall Murals for more information.

small plus icon Where is your facility located?

Imagination Design Studios is a North American based company. We have a 20,000 sq/ft manufacturing facility in Pompano Beach, Florida, and our 24,000 sq/ft head office and design center in Calgary, Alberta.

small plus icon Where is the theming manufactured?

All of our theming is proudly made in the United States of America as well as Canada. Our products are fabricated in our very own facilities located in Florida and Alberta. This means that we can maintain a superior level of quality while using materials that we know are safe and durable. In addition, our staff of designers and engineers can accommodate universal requirements for accessibility and safety.

small plus icon What makes IDS the best option for theming my office?

IDs has spent 25 years crating themed environments for retail, industrial, amusement, and healthcare industries, and a decade specializing in dental theming. With over 300 offices transformed, we have the expertise and skills necessary to create high quality products.

We pride ourselves on cultivating a talented work force and only hire educated and experienced workers in all departments. Our team is the best, so our products are the best. We are proud to be the authority in office theming.

Don’t just take our word for it though; hear it from those who know best - our clients.

small plus icon How will theming help my office?

Dental and medical office theming helps reduce patient anxiety and fear, and creates an environment that is not only inviting for children, but also exciting! Theming will attract new clients, keep current patients coming back, and will keep your staff enthusiastic about their jobs. If you recently graduated and are opening your first practice, office theming is an investment in your future.

small plus icon My practice is doing fine, why should I theme my office now?

Office theming is a fantastic opportunity to create a positive impact on a patient’s visit as well as stand out against competition. Theming can rejuvenate an older business, attract considerably more patients, and give you and your staff an enjoyable place to work every day. Theming an office with IDS is an investment, not an expense.


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small plus icon Are there any special wall prep instructions for the murals?
small plus icon Do you provide an install team?

Our installation teams are available at your request and can travel anywhere in North America to help you. IDS professional installers have years of experience installing three-dimensional displays and applying wall murals. They guarantee the installation of your project is fast and efficient.

Should you decide to install the work yourself, we provide clear and concise step-by-step instructions to ensure that installation goes smoothly.

small plus icon How long does installation take?

Installation varies depending on the size of the project. Our average themed office takes between four to seven days to install completely.

small plus icon If my office is already operational, can you install on weekends?

Yes, we will coordinate closely with you on scheduling installation while still allowing the office to remain open.

small plus icon Who handles the delivery of the 3D sculptures?

Our installers will be on-site when the 3D elements arrive.

small plus icon How do you ship a whole themed office?

Typically, a themed office is shipped by ground. We build custom crates to ensure safe delivery of our products. Large sculptures are modular to allow efficient shipping, unpacking, and installation. This also ensures our giant characters will fit through your front door!

small plus icon Does IDS ship worldwide?

Regardless of where your practice is located, we will find a way to deliver our amazing theming to you. IDS has created theming for a dental office in Kuwait, the Dominican Republic, and is currently fabricating a project for an office in London.

small plus icon Is it expensive to ship from Canada to the US?

No, it’s not. Prices are comparable to US shipping.


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