Dental Office Theming is Big News for Local News Stations

One of our favorite perks to theming offices all over North America is getting to see our offices pop up in local news across the country. Not only is this a great way for a dental office to get extra exposure and free advertising, but it will make you proud knowing your office is newsworthy.

This is a great opportunity for some free dental office marketing. Don’t miss that chance to get your themed office in the news. Local news channels love to show off unique and exciting stories in the community. Whether you get in the newspaper or manage to bring out a whole news camera crew, any free promotion is welcome.

Here are a couple of examples of themed offices that have made the news to give you some ideas on how to pitch your story to your local news provider.

Practice Finds its Niche with Young Patients

“We’re the Walt Disney World of dentistry,” said Trey Anderson with a laugh.

Smile Town Dentistry Profiles of Excellence

“I knew how challenging it was to get my brother into appointments and my parents experienced an equal amount of stress,” explains Dr. Chadha. “I wanted to help other families; that’s why we decided to open offices that are fun for children of all ages and specially designed to accommodate families with special-needs children.” Dr. Kanani adds, “We are here to help, and we are empathetic to their needs.”

Technology, fun approach to dentistry help make Big Smiles in Milford

“We want to make the whole office fun… We don’t want them to be scared,” said Eunice Lee, one of two pediatric dentists at the office.

The Smile Start Interactive Center at the PDAO Bentonville office is used for new patients aged four to eleven to focus on education and training. In this simulation center, kids can practice brushing and flossing on a large replica of a mouth, look at plaque through microscopes and feel and smell giant cavities. Staff observes each patient to coach them on how to correct their technique, and there’s even a test at the end to keep kids paying attention and taking dental hygiene seriously, while having fun!

We hope these offices inspire you. So don’t be shy, you have a cool and unique office, get your office in the news! Here’s a template you can use to invite a news crew to your office. 

Contact a journalist directly if you can, not just the generic news station contact. Your story could get lost in the shuffle. Find someone who writes about topics similar to your business.

The subject line of your email pitch must contain your news hook – the one thing that makes your story stand out and demand a journalist’s attention.

Try one of these:

1. “Amazing kid-friendly [Jungle/Ocean/Etc] themed office comes to [local area]”
2. “A dental office kids can’t wait to visit!”
3. “From fear to fun, how this local dental office is changing the way kids feel about the dentist.”

And include in your body: 

[Journalist Name], I know you like to write about [local business/events/children/health] and thought this story would be of interest to you. Please find attached below a story about a unique dental office experience designed to reduce anxiety in children.

Make it easy on the journalist you have contacted. Tell them a bit about your history in the area. Any philosophies you have around treating patients. Talk about the problem you are solving for consumers – making going to the dentist easier for both kids as well as their parents. Describe your office and how it is designed to entertain and relax children, better priming them for their appointments. Feel free to allude to any awards you have won for your services.

Attach a photo! A themed office is designed to sell itself.

Lastly, invite the journalist to contact you if they need any more information.

[Your Name] 
[Contact details]

Has your office been featured in the news? Share a link with us to see at

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