What Do Successful Dental Offices Have in Common?

Thriving dental practices don’t just provide excellent dental care, they also offer environments that engage children and provide a welcome distraction, better preparing them for their upcoming appointment. At IDS, we specialize in customizing your space with exciting touches like murals, 3D decor, and interactive gaming that will make any office a kid’s paradise. Whatever the size of your budget or imagination – let us bring magic into yours!

Explore Before and After Office Transformations

Whatever Your Style, We Have You Covered

Playful or Contemporary, we can create a design style that suits your style.

Whether your space is filled with playful characters for children or or a more sophisticated look suited to a range of ages, we have a solution for you.

Talk to an IDS Creative Consultant to explore what our imagination can conjure up.



The Benefits of IDS Themed Decor


Your patient’s anxiety is reduced with welcoming decor and fun distractions, making appointments easy.


Your marketing efforts will improve with eye-catching themed decor that stands out from your competition.


You will find it easier to attract and retain staff with a fun working environment.

Your Return on Investment

The return on investment from IDS themed decor can be measured in new patients, better marekting, and happier staff. Watch the first-hand accounts of dentists who found tremendous success after transforming their spaces into magical places.

Adding Theming to Your Dental Office is Easy

1. Imagine

Explore the possibilities during a free design consultation.


Design your dream office collaboratively with our expert creative team.


Reveal your magical new office and build excitement in the community.

Are Your Ready to Imagine? Contact Us!

It’s time to look to the future of your business – more patients, better staff, more profits. Let IDS lead you to that future. Contact us a request a free brochure that you can help you imagine.

Imagination Design Studios book "Turning Mundane Spaces Into Magical Places."

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