Complete your office design with a marketing package that matches your theme.


The face of your business is just as important as the decor in your office. Make sure your logo and theme match with a custom logo design from IDS.

Our marketing package includes designs for your logo, business card, letterhead, referral pad, and envelopes. We encourage you to talk to our sales department about your ideas and any special requests.

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Illustrated company logo with a baby green dragon holding toothbrush for a dental practice
Pediatric dentistry company logo with a hatching dragon character
Pink baby dragon with toothbrush standing next to stylized logo for a kids dental practice
zebra and monkey logo
Bright illustrated logo for a dental office with a friendly smiling sun
Family dentist logo with a cute pug mascot surrounded by jungle leaves
Scuba diving pug in a custom logo made for a pediatric dentistry
Logo of a kids dentistry with a pug character mascot holding a surfboard
Pediatric company logo with art of a multicolored minimalist town
Childrens dentistry company logo featuring art of a blue tooth
Illustrated logo for a pediatric dentist with a  toothbrushing tiger and crayfish
Dentistry business logo with drawn picture of purple hippo and bird holding toothbrush
Friendly cartoon logo of a blue elephant resting on a toothbrush for a pediatric dental practice
Dental office logo of a blue rocket ship flying through space
Custom drawn childrens dentistry logo with a friendly blue manatee mascot and children holding onto sign
Dental care business  with cute alligator, turtle and frog characters around multicolored logo
Safari themed custom illustrated logo with animals driving a jeep for a dental practice
Simplistic logo for a dental and orthodontic clinic with interwoven company lettering
Father lion holding his cub for an African safari themed dentistry practice
Smiling dolphin coming out of life preserver/ring in a ocean themed logo for a pediatric dentistry
Smiling seal mascot wrapped around a bright orange surfboard for a themed dental logo
Moose looking down over a wood sign for a custom designed logo for dentist
A blue planet with blurry rings produced for a kid friendly space themed dental clinic
Green colored logo with sprung out jungle foliage meant for a dental company with tropical theming
Ranch sign inspired logo for dentist surrounded by bright green cacti
Two dentist caricatures running across a mini globe for a travel adventure themed company logo
Jungle themed logo with a friendly blue elephant mascot and tropical greenery around colorful drawn wording