Pirate Themed Dental Practice

Hidden Treasure Pirate Themed Pediatric Office

Young patients can go on the hunt for buried treasure in this amazing fully themed dental practice. This extensive project brings the adventure both above and underwater with an adorable crew of pirate characters.

Kids will feel like a part of the crew in the spectacular play area. The space is enclosed by the incredible custom sculpted walls, made to look like the exterior a beached pirate ship. Inside, kids can spot a colorful cast of dental characters, like the vibrantly painted parrot mascot holding a toothbrush! Mounted on the walls is more vibrant cladding, complete with game tablets and interactive play panels. Patients will also find a fun slide made to look like the entrance to the captain’s quarters. Looking out on top of it is a whimsical monkey first mate with a spyglass and his pelican captain!

Once patients enter the treatment bays, they’ll get to take a submarine trip down underwater to look for more treasure! An amazing ceiling mounted submersible sitting atop some seaweed columns is a brilliant focal point in the middle of the bays. Inside is a curious octopus explorer along with some custom lighting work.

A themed brushing station is also included, with some wide grinned brushing mirrors to help kids learn the importance of good oral hygiene. A custom sunken log sign is hung above them along with a toothbrush wielding crab.

All kinds of pirate dental mascots swim around on the ceilings above patients as well, providing positive distractions during their appointments.

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