A Shipwreck Makeover for a Medical Practice

In the first phase of this project, the dental area of a multi-focus medical practice was given a shipwreck themed makeover!

The main practice is on the second floor of the building and there was a desire to draw attention upwards. In the stairwell are two impressively large humpback whale sculptures suspended from the ceiling and visible through the windows to the outside. The mama and baby whale are surrounded by fish, friendly stingrays, and a pair of playful pufferfish. These beautiful aquatic sculptures also serve as an exterior landmark that can be seen from the outside, especially at night, and helps the office stand out.

Our client was very excited to incorporate a shipwreck theme throughout the space and the dental reception desk got the full treatment. Running along the front desk is intricate 3D cladding made to look like it is part of the siding of a sunken ship. Underwater murals are installed both behind the ship cladding and on the bottom half of the desk, adding color and interest.

Kids will be delighted to be greeted by the friendly hammerhead shark popping out from the ship above them and showing off a new set of braces. Along with the shark character, visitors will find small dental references in the details of the desk.

In the waiting area is a custom circular bench with a sculpted base and a crow's nest featuring a turtle pirate in the center. Practical seating needs are blended with fun design ideas that easily draw kids in and make wait times feel shorter. Not to mention kids will love to take photos on the bench that can be shared online and help market the office.

In the treatment rooms are beautiful underwater wall murals for young patients to enjoy during appointments that help complete the experience.