Ocean Themed Reception & Recovery Room

Calming Ocean Themed Surgery Recovery Room

Let the tide take you away to this wonderful aquatic themed pediatric office.

The clean and bright waiting area features floor to ceiling murals running along the interior wall that shows a calming kelp forest. Deep blues and vibrant greens create a calming effect.

In the corner is an intricate coral tower with custom upholstered bench seating for visitors to enjoy. When kids look up they will find many aquatic friends, including an impressive whale sculpture, dolphins, turtles, and even a school of fish, leading the way to the treatment area.

Suspended from the ceiling in the hallways are even more sculpted characters including a stingray, dolphin, sea lion, and a turtle holding a sign reminding everyone to keep quiet in the recovery room.

The serene underwater themed decor is sure to create positive memories for patients at this practice and help alleviate medical based anxiety!

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