Candy Themed Pediatric Dental Office

The Sweetest Dental Office Around

Guests’ eyes will become bigger than their stomachs when they step into this sweet escape.

Congratulations! You’ve reached the lost city of Candy Town – legend says that patients who visit this dental office will leave with sparkly teeth and a tasty treat.

But before they can do that, they will need to check in at the reception desk made out of bricks of chocolate and icing veiled beneath cotton candy swirled clouds. Young guests will want to make sure to snap a photo with the cookie-caned Mayor Bear of Candy Town – a life sized photo op bear perfect for visitors to show others the one of a kind visit they’ve had to the dentist!

Then, guests can head over to the chocolate fountain to take in the wonders of Candy Town, like the chocolate surfing frog or the bubble blowing raccoon floating up, up and away.

The waiting room benches are cladded with detailed siding to look as though they are stacked stones in a woodland forest. They are decorated with fine details like magic toadstools or the nestled fox guarding his stash of candies.

And for the active little patients, a slip down the gingerbread playhouse slide or a play with the wall mounted game boards is in store.

But what really tops the cake in this candy-coated space, are the colorful wall murals that transport guests into a whole new world.

The most important thing in this office is the animals practicing good dental hygiene – wherever there is candy there is also toothpaste or a floss box. Kids are bound to eat candy, but this office helps kids understand how to avoid the damage done by sugar.

If you were to visit this office, what treat would catch your eye first?

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