Animal Themed Movie Theater



Coming Soon to a Dental Office Near You

Grab your sweets and take your seats, it’s showtime in this dental office movie room.

For visitors, their routine trip to the dentist will turn into an experience that will have them leaving raving reviews. Sometimes the wait for an appointment can be a little longer than expected, so to keep kids entertained, we created a movie room designed to entertain the whole family. Follow along to reveal the marvel that lies behind the draping blue suede curtain.

It is best to head in as quickly as possible and grab your seat upon arrival, or you may end up sitting next to “sticky fingers” hanging out at the door.


The room is fitted with custom wall murals, 3D characters, and comfortable vinyl cushioned bench seating, all specially designed to create the ambience of a one of a kind theater. Did you catch the very “punny” movie listings?

Once in, be sure to check out all the treats Gerry the Giraffe is serving up – I heard that if you perform your best movie line he will give you an extra scoop of popcorn. He’s a little distracted right now by some troublesome kids.

Some things never change about going to the movies… like the big view-blocking brute in the front row. But that’s alright because there are plenty of spots to go around in this spacious room.

Lights, camera, action! Are you ready to see what’s up next on the big screen?


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