Jungle Themed Emergency Room

Contemporary Jungle Pediatric Emergency Room

Experience the animal kingdom in this dedicated pediatric emergency room. For this project, IDS collaborated with an architectural firm and an artist, who provided the character designs, to create this comforting space for a local hospital.

As soon as you enter the pediatric pod, combination mural to 3D sculpted trees welcome you into the space. In the nurse’s station, a fun forest scene awaits with trees, cheerful characters, and the sun on the ceiling! The client made use of the existing columns by turning them into trees, which were handpainted by our team during the installation. A sleepy sloth and its mother dangle from a vine, while a colorful chameleon surveys its surroundings. In the waiting room, two I Spy mural vignettes are featured to help distract and engage the young patients during their visits.

Each exam room showcases a different biome to help staff differentiate between the rooms. Inspired by the IDS Contemporary Collection the glass leading into the patient rooms is adorned with a frosted murals showing the flora of that ecosystem, while the inside features a select group of fauna illustrated by the guest artist.

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