Woodland Themed Office

Cozy Woodland Office with Silhouette Murals

Patients at this practice will feel like they are visiting a quaint cabin in the woods while never leaving the comfort of the waiting room.

Across from reception desk they will find wall-to-wall woodland murals filled with foliage and illustrations of friendly animals. This pediatric office had an existing cabin façade for kids where we were able to add a cute sculpted bear character reading a book and a pair of 3D raccoons playfully peeking down from the roof of the cabin.

Children will love the faux window detail showing a mural of the cabin interior and another bear making a pie. In addition to the murals and 3D characters in the waiting room, there are Keebee game panels and wall mounted video game units to help pass the time waiting for appointments.

The woodland murals continue throughout the rest of the office into the open bays and corridors. In the treatment rooms there are modern silhouette murals depicting calming woodland scenes to help ease children’s anxiety.

A faux window features two curious moose peering into the office. Nearby, a bench photo op with a bear character holding a tube of toothpaste and brushing his teeth waits for patients to sit down for a photo. The dentist has created their own great signs for taking photos at the end of an appointment as a way to promote the office on social media.

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