Deep Sea Adventure Waiting Room

We're not limited to only helping dentists with their office theming, doctors and other medical practices can benefit too. This pediatricians's office transformed into an underwater world overflowing with adventure. It even includes a sunken ship Landmark that has burst right out of the office wall! The octopus is ready to see patients with his doctor bag and an old-fashioned head mirror.

There is plenty of the ship to discover inside the building as well. Kids can explore the interior of the ship in a game area filled with tablets and hands-on play boards. A scuba diver takes pictures of visitors at the shark photo op, and a color changing light-up submarine is a standout sculpture in the waiting room.

The reception desk is a treasure trove filled with deep-sea details like a crab business card holder, murals, and 3D relief sculpted shells and coral.

The murals continue in the hallways and the exam rooms, filling the space with playful sharks, lively dolphins, and many other ocean creatures. The colored walls perfectly compliment the fun murals. Patients will certainly feel comfortable and entertained in this imaginative underwater escape.