Safari Themed Dental Office

Safari Crates Pediatric Dental Practice

This pediatric dental office belongs to an IDS customer who was ready to open a second location just two years after theming the first! Having enjoyed the process of working with IDS so much, and being so pleased with the outcome, we were one of their first calls.

On entering the office patients see a waterfall themed reception desk that has a meerkat offering a mango to his buddies. This has the giraffe in the room across very excited and trying to reach for the mango himself… breaking right through a glass wall!

The giraffe tops a humorous stack of animal characters that includes built-in touchscreen games in the shipping crates. It must be fun to watch children’s faces as they enter the waiting room and see the monkeys at the bottom of the pile!

In the interest of branding it was decided that some elements from the original theme would be repeated in the second. Custom murals that had been developed for the first location found their way onto the walls of this new office.

Combining new custom elements while still keeping important features of their brand, IDS created a new themed space that bursts with fun and humor!

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