Desert Themed Dental Practice

Educational Desert Critter Dental Office Play Area

This client has multiple dental offices of which IDS has themed two, with plans to add even more theming in the future! (Check out the first office here!) For her second office, our client was moving into a new area in central Texas and was inspired to include examples of the local animal population as characters in the office, like the parachuting armadillos, in the reception area.

The buffalo character popping through the covered wagon was based on the practice logo and is a fun way to incorporate existing marketing into the overall design.

Our client wanted to include dental education in the most fun way possible! As patients enter the practice they are guided to the education area featuring an oversize sculpture of teeth for kids to interact with and practice their brushing. There is also a dental facts area made to look like a covered wagon with additional tooth models and dental education built right in. Young patients will have a great time learning and playing with stinky teeth and squishy cavities before or after appointments.

As visitors continue through the office they will reach the play area entrance that is themed to look like an old house typical of the area. There are lots of sculpted characters here representing the local animal population. Kids will recognize playful versions of a Mexican gray wolf pup, a fox, an opossum, a skunk, and a rattlesnake.

Our client was very involved in the process of creating her dream office and picked the office fixtures, lighting, and supporting decor elements to match the theming perfectly. The result is a stylish and fun office.

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The kids really like all the things that IDS did at the office… it’s a real hit!

– Dr. Joanna Ayala

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