This pediatric office brings the jungle to the Canadian prairies! Patients won’t want to miss any appointments at this fully themed, custom IDS Environment™.

Upon entering the clinic, patients will feel like they are on a jungle adventure. In the middle of the waiting room, a rebellious hippo wearing a ducky shower cap is washing in a pond near a sign that says “no bathing.” If you look closely, you’ll see a frog and fish that aren’t so excited that their home is now a bath! Above a nearby waterfall, a friendly elephant sprays a shower of water to help rinse off the hippo. This scene makes for a hilarious photo op for kids!

The reception desk features hand-sculpted cladding to look like a thatch hut. Curious jungle animals peek out through the thatch as a pair of lemurs watch out from above. Near the desk, a sculpted tree hides an existing column to tie the entire waiting room together.

On the other side of the waterfall, a fabulous theater and game room awaits! As you walk through the waterfall, the elephant’s belly and legs poke out of the ceiling. Kids will feel transported to a new world with the underwater jungle murals.

Gaming tablets line the wall, leading to a sitting area with a custom sculpted rock tower and matching benches. A group of theater-going jungle animals anxiously awaits the film to start as they watch from the ceiling.

When it’s time for their appointment to begin, patients will be encouraged by the happy jungle animals smiling down at them from the ceiling. The magic continues in the treatment bay with a fully themed brushing station, complete with jungle animal brushing mirrors and bamboo hut cladding. Faux windows line the walls of the treatment bay, while individual treatment rooms have a full wall mural. Before leaving the clinic, patients will enjoy a quick photo op and prize from the ecstatic hippo reminding them to always BRUSH, FLOSS, and SMILE!

Outside the practice, a curious elephant and toucan friend peek down from the roof. With toothbrush in trunk and toothpaste in beak, this exterior landmark signals to the community that a special dental experience awaits them. To go along with their new themed office, the client ordered a marketing package to ensure their branding and patient experience are consistent.




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