Bayou Themed Medical Clinic

Have a Bayou Blast in this Community Medical Clinic

Combining the charm of the bayou with an exciting cast of characters, this community medical clinic received a facelift they’ll never forget! Our client wanted us to incorporate 3D sculptures as much as possible, but without taking up floor space. We went all out to make sure their patient experience is memorable from the moment they walk through the door.

When a child first enters the playroom, they’re greeted by a cute bobcat and their squirrel friend signing their cast. Ouch! But it’s all smiles over here, letting kids know there is nothing to worry about.

Inside the playroom is a custom designed I Spy mural with a series of hidden items for them to find while they wait for their appointment to start. Kids can also keep busy playing on the gaming tablets mounted to the wall while sitting on a custom mossy log stool.

Our client wanted us to take advantage of their ample ceiling space, which we filled with fun 3D animals that also act as wayfinding signage. A doctor pelican guides waiting patients to the pediatric wing, while nurse squirrel cheerfully indicates the nurse’s station located near the back of the clinic.

We also brought our 3D abilities to the next level with a series of realistic custom framed wall murals. The vibrant image of a guilty-looking bear and the real baseball broken through the “window” brings the story to life along with a sculpted frog enjoying a warm summer day. The second framed wall mural depicts a helpful doctor raccoon mending the broken shell of their turtle friend, and a panther teetering on crutches. While these window wall murals may not let any real sunshine in, the adorable characters and vivid colors bring the same energy into the room.

This medical office has multiple locations, check out their second bayou reception area here, and a third bayou themed office here.


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