Jungle Themed Dental Office

Jungle Adventure Awaits Patients of This Dental Office

Leapin’ lemurs, come and check out this jungle themed dental office!

Smirks & Smiles Kids Dentistry has been outfitted with the perfect selection of silhouette murals and friendly characters to create a jungle atmosphere.

From the curbside, this office promises adventure with it’s mural-lined windows. The murals reach just high enough so passer buyers cannot easily see into the space – the perfect incentive for any curious family oriented individual to head inside and check things out.

Once inside, they will be welcomed into the space with thrilling elements in the reception and waiting room area. As they approach the check-in desk they can look up to see the welcome signage with the cute animals playing tug of war over the hand crafted “WELCOME” letters.

While waiting for their appointment, guests can can hang out on the log benches under the shade of the whimsical jungle tree. How many animals can you name on the striking murals all around?

Come time for the appointment, patients will be ushered down a vibrant hallway lined with silhouette murals and creative wayfinding signage. Which room will be their favorite – the Hippo Room or the Zebra Room? And once they are settled in the treatment chair they will be kept company their entire appointment by the Smile Tile friends smiling down from the ceiling.

Do you have a space you would love to bring to life? Connect with the creative team at IDS to discuss transforming your office from mundane to magical!

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