Jungle Themed Hair Salon

Wild Haircuts for Jungle Critters and Kids

This splashy jungle themed hair salon is the perfect place for little visitors to get a fresh haircut.

As guests walk through the door they will be greeted at the toucan and bamboo-clad reception desk with a whirly haired orangutan to say hello. They will direct them over to wavy waterfall bench to hangout with a few of the salon regulars. This bench makes a great photo filled with silly characters and a big logo plaque. That alligator hairdresser is using some skilled scissor work on a little monkey.

But beyond the friendly faces, this waiting area is equipped with wall mounted gaming systems fixed overtop colorful custom-drawn murals that extend the fruity brand experience throughout the space.


Come time for their appointment, kids will first hop over to the jungle hut washing station. With the helping hand of Ellie the elephant, they can have their hair scrubbed before heading for the chair for a trim.

After a successful appointment, visitors can take a stop at the impressive accessories hut, and with the advice of the tiki keepers, can leave with some stylish pieces to accentuate their brand new look!

Video Tour

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