Jungle Themed Dental Office

Jungle Hut and Fire Pit Themed Reception Area

Families can relax in this reception area surrounded by the friendly faces of jungle animals that are playfully lounging in the waters and dense jungle shrubs.

A friendly elephant roasts marshmallows over the fire while a parrot is ready to chomp down in this great photo op. The playful elephant is more than a prop to entice children to sit down while they wait. He also contains hand-held video games in both of his pouches that will keep children entertained while waiting for treatment. Additional gaming units are found on the walls to make sure there are enough games to go around.

The unique and functional fire pit centerpiece adds an extra touch to the room, reinforcing the fun theme of jungle living.

Reoccurring animals throughout the office, both 3D props and in murals, helps emphasize the theme and also reinforces the dental office’s brand. Marketing the office becomes easy to do with fun theming content.

Custom murals are an integral part of any themed office, creating big impact in all areas of the office, especially where 3D sculptures might not fit.

In this particular office, the theming starts as soon as the patient enters the reception room with a fun floor mural. Patients “cross” a rope bridge over a stream filled with friendly crocs. This highly durable floor graphic is specifically made to withstand patients walking in and out of the office all day.

Custom wall murals transform these ordinary treatment rooms into jungle huts with windows and openings that look out above the jungle floor. Each room is designed with a different illustration of animals that reoccur throughout the entire office. Children can see giraffes peeking through the windows or elephants gliding along a zip line with a monkey close on its tail.