Land and Sea at Two Locations

What happens when you follow a big orange octopus driving a car? No, this isn’t a joke; the octopus actually exists, and you’ll see him parked outside of this fully themed underwater dental office.

The pediatric location welcomes you with an underwater office overflowing with friendly sea creatures. From octopuses and turtles, to dolphins and sharks wearing braces, this location does not disappoint.

A seaweed archway leads to a sunken ship play area where children can explore the a coral tower in the waiting room and catch a glimpse of an octopus guarding his treasure. To complete the underwater effect, the walls are decorated with murals and a scuba diver and her ocean friends swim along the ceiling.

In the ortho office a jungle theme is sure to get children excited. A zebra having his teeth brushed complements the exterior. Inside the jungle adventure visitors find humorous creatures like a painted turtle who has cleverly tied some sticks to a paintbrush to help him decorate his shell. These themes aresure to bring excitement to any dental visit.