Jungle Themed Dental Office

Let the Games Begin in This Jungle Waiting Room

A large and impressive tree desk is the centerpiece of this jungle reception area. With 10 unique meerkats working hard to floss this hippo’s teeth, there’s something to see at every angle. A walk around the desk reveals a meerkat distracted from his task and sniffing a flower or a hungry meerkat stopping for a snack, chowing down on a strawberry.

An intense game of checkers is played above the door to the games room while a parrot lost in deep concentration ponders its next move.

2D to 3D murals are a clever use of space that create all the visual impact of full sized props. This leopard’s body fades into the jungle while the head supports a small tarsier, a wide eyed primate, as he makes the winning move in a game of Xs and Os.