This super custom medieval sports-princess jungle office was a delight for our team of artists to create!

The unique theme incorporates a princess mascot who loves sports and competes with her jungle friends in a medieval world! The wrap around castle reception desk is buzzing with activity. There are sculpted monkeys playing baseball and a giraffe princess waiting to take a turn at bat. The reception desk also features a hanging welcome sign, banners, and a coat of arms with baseball bats instead of the traditional swords, all inscribed with the first letter of the dentist’s name.

If you follow the desk around the corner you will come face to face with a football-playing rhino charging through the castle door! There are sculpted characters of monkeys trying to slow down the rhino as well as a princess and knight cheering on the fun. All of these characters make great photo ops for patients to enjoy before or after seeing the doctor!

Also in the waiting area is a kids play tent with tablet gaming on the inside walls and a slide leading out. If visitors look up they will be amazed to find a dragon flying above! A sculpted version of the princess mascot is catching a ride as well. Bench seating with a hippo and gorilla playing baseball is another unique feature of the waiting area and a great place to take a break.

The games continue in the rest of the practice with beautiful murals that incorporate 3D elements and provide entertainment for patients while they are being seen. The 2D to 3D murals add a magical flare without taking up any floor space in the treatment rooms.

Kids and parents will definitely have fun at this memorable office!

It has been a pleasure working with Imagination Design Studios. The creative team is incredible all the way down to the project managers and install team. Everything was well coordinated and on top of the impeccable craftsmanship, they were overcommunicaters so I never had to guess what was needed from me in order to complete this project on my timeline. My patients and parents LOVE it…as does my entire team 🙂

– Dr. Mitzi Hines




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