Musical Bayou Office Theme

This immersive bayou themed office has been a huge hit with patients and staff alike! With music flowing through the theme, the animals play instruments and dance with mascots inspired by a local sports team.

The office mascots were carefully drawn and sculpted into each of the scenes. In the main entrance you will find Boudreaux playing a banjo while Cubby climbs a ladder leading to their tree house. The mascots are also both featured in the murals, waving at patients and welcoming children to different rooms.

The colorful wall murals include an "I Spy" game for kids to play and the animals have adventures that are sure to inspire children’s imaginations. Every room includes custom made murals with local animals, scenery, props, and cultural events.

A unique floor mural lets patients take photos with the alligators that swim through the bayou. The tree house, which has televisions built into two sides, looks as if it is growing right out of the swamp and a boat floats in the water; ready for a photo op. Kids love to explore this bayou and make friends with all of the custom critters.