Safari Themed Dental Office

Safari Adventure Theming in Private Play Room

This safari themed play area was an expansion for an existing IDS customer. They wanted to add to their existing kids area by adding a second area that kids could go wild in!

The new space incorporates vibrant murals that go from 2D to 3D, adding an extra dimension that children will love. The 3D trunk of the muralled elephant reaches out of the wall to steal the hat of a nearby rhino, an extra special character who makes a great photo opportunity.

Active play is incorporated into this room with a slide perched atop 3D luggage. Slides provide entertainment and are a great way to burn off some energy before an appointment.

Small details around the office like the lemur busting through the wall with a sign on one side and a butt on the other, or the giraffe peeking in to take a photo, will delight visitors. This play area really turns waiting into an adventure for patients to enjoy.

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