Sunken Ship Themed Pediatric Dentist

Shipwreck Playroom for an Underwater Office

Patients will take a thrilling trip down to the bottom of the sea in this underwater themed project! The father-son dentist duo of this office were very excited to expand their existing fish tank decor out into a full theme.

Located on a hospital campus, the centerpiece of this mixed specialty practice is the magnificent sunken ship games area. Made to look like a waterlogged hull, the exterior of the playroom features a towering kelp column, cast barnacles, and decayed wood detailing. Game tablets and interactives are also mounted on the sides and wall adjacent to the ship. Inside the wreckage, kids will have plenty to explore from the vivid undersea wall murals, to the yellow submarine slide complete with a porthole window and a sandy ocean floor base. A custom game tower with pre-installed tablets and murals add even more waves of fun.

Back at the main lobby, a bright blue coral archway frames the reception desk. Pearlescent painted fish, vibrant seaweed reliefs, and molded clam shells were sculpted in for additional color and pop!

Around the corner from the reception and play area, parents will get a chance to snap a pic of their child’s successful dental appointments with a friendly seal captain! The coral clad benches provide some fun yet functional seating alongside a wonderful ocean mural backdrop included for immersion.

In the treatment bays, patients will find themselves entertained by an array of humorous ceiling-mounted sculptures. Different characters swim throughout both the pediatric and ortho open bays to complete the theme.

There were never any problems. IDS was always cheerful and focused on figuring out the best way to get things done.

– Dr. Jim Owens