Jungle Themed Hospital Play Area

Silhouette Mural Jungle Hospital Play Area

This private play area located in the reception area of a newly built children’s hospital is a perfect example of an IDS Space™.

Branches and a monkey were added to the column and “foliage” soffits with lights transform this structural feature into a contemporary style tree.


Wall mounted video games were provided by one of our trusted product partners, Kidzpace.

A unique bench was created to match the style of the simple silhouette murals in the room. The young giraffe sitting atop the bench creates a charming photo op for kids to sit and pose beside. The giraffe also features a more realistic patterned paint job, rather than the geometric cartoon pattern you may be used to seeing on our giraffes. We’re able to adapt our style to suite your needs to give you the perfect decor for your space.

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