South American Themed Dental Clinic

South American Treatment Area With an Asiatic Playroom

For this dental practitioner’s second themed office, she was excited to feature two unique themes for the play space and the treatment areas.

Kids will get to relax and play in the serene Asiatic themed playroom, which features a beautiful mural of a bamboo forest set against a stunning vertical mountain range. In the corner, a towering bamboo column with a cute sculpted panda and the dentist’s own teddy bear mascot was included for a personal touch. Game tablets are mounted on both the wall and the bear’s backpack for some fun time-passing activities before appointments.

Down the hall, past the reception and into the treatment bay is an incredible wall-spanning mural of a South American landscape. Friendly packs of vicuna and llama trot across the vast terrain while the gorgeous Andean peaks stretch across the wide-open steppes set during sunrise.

In the recovery room, you’ll find a soothing mural of a soft, twilight sky. A family of sleeping bats and a baby vicuna resting alongside a baby viscacha were included to calm young patients after a procedure. A sculpted cave archway was incorporated both into the toddler bed and the mural backdrop to carry on the theme.

Adjacent to the recovery room are the individual operatories. Each one features it’s own custom theming. This room continues the landscape of the treatment bay mural with a line of llama’s hiking across the expanse with adorable mountain cavies filling out the space. A 3D sculpted hang gliding mara swoops in and entertains patients from above!