Underwater Themed Dental Office

Sunken Pirate Ship Dental Office

This large office features a sunken pirate ship filled with fun activities and great undersea creatures. A large and inviting reception desk in the center welcomes patients to the practice. This cool office offers a large video game area and a theater to keep patients and their families entertained. There is also an interactive play area for younger children, with hands-on games in a yellow submarine, and one of our great “I Spy” Wall Murals.

While the interior of this office is extraordinary, the main feature can be found outside. On the exterior of this building, a larger-than-life octopus pirate creates a wonderful photo-op for patients. This type of Landmark Signage is also the very best way to attract patients to an office; no passersby are going to miss this big guy!

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From concept to installation, IDS are true professionals.

- Dr. Derek Thompson

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