Underwater Themed Dental Clinic

Ceiling Sculptures for an Underwater Reception Area

For this project, floor space was minimal, so the dentist instead wished to bring the attention upwards. Some eye-catching ceiling mounted sculptures were employed to add some theming flair while keeping the floor space usable for seating and activities.

When visitors first come in, they’ll be greeted by a delightful shark photo op bench! These are just one way to create a great first impression and allow patients to make some memories of a great dental visit with some social media photos.

The reception area shows off the first of the impressive sculptures with a school of shiny pearlescent fish swimming alongside their cute turtle buddy.

Following them is a magnificent orca whale, lovingly named Tilly, suspended from the ceiling with its wide-eyed baby! A playful dolphin chases after the baby while a school of brilliant blue fish trails next to the adult orca. These incredible sculptures were also strategically placed so that they could be spotted by visitors from the outside, drawing attention to the office.