Jungle Themed Dental Office

Tooth Bug Infested Jungle Dental Office

Nobody can miss the larger-than-life characters on top of this dental office building! Like a giant billboard, these animals easily attract new patients to this dental practice by generating word of mouth advertising around the community.

The toothbrush that the gorilla holds is 14ft tall, and it has the website of the practice printed on it. Children love these friendly characters and they are excited to find out what waits inside. From the very beginning, a child’s experience at this office is a positive one.

This dentist educates his young patients about tooth bugs and how they like to harm healthy teeth. Inside the office, a themed games room for the kids was created called “Tooth Bug Island”. There are actual tooth bugs hiding in various places throughout the games room and waiting room, and kids love to find them.

Large friendly characters are found throughout the office and they like to flash their big, bright smiles! Some characters even get a little help brushing their teeth from other animal friends. This theming encourages children to emulate healthy dental habits.

For my new office, I had IDS create an amazing exterior display on top of my building. I actually had my staff track every new customer for six months by asking them what it was that brought them to our practice. At the time, I had been spending as much as six thousand dollars per month on newspaper ads, TV commercials and even radio spots. I would have been happy had my new investment been responsible for 50% of the new patients tracked. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the results came in after six months… a full 94% cited the theming above my entrance!

Dr. Chuck Hughes, DDS
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