Marshland Themed Dental Office

Twilight Falls on This Marshland Office

Friendly marshland creatures are ready to make kids smile with their humorous antics in this themed dental environment. From toothbrushing turtles to singing frogs, this tranquil wetland has plenty of cute critters to make a lasting impression on children, starting with the friendly reception desk.

To make the waiting room more inviting, custom faux windows with artificially aged wood frames make it seem as if animal characters are peering into the room from outside.


Kids love the built-in video game stations, themed to look like a pile of supplies and crates in front of a bayou hut on stilts.

The treatment areas are a sure to please. As if learning to brush at a crocodile brushing mirror isn’t enough, the immersive floor to ceiling bayou murals will take them to another world in the treatment areas. The murals are filled with visual gags and details to wow with every visit.

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