Noah’s Ark Themed Theater

Two Tickets to This Ark Themed Movie Theater Please

The pediatric patient experience at this office is about to get a whole lot more entertaining with a Noah’s ark themed theater. The theater is an expansion of the client’s ark animal office previously themed by IDS.

There are custom wall murals throughout the space made to look like the inside of a ship. The murals also feature custom illustrations of different sets of animals in the ark with some characters going from 2D to 3D. Low-relief sculptures of animals with 3D movie glasses and popcorn add a sense of fun to the space. Faux windows of a rainy landscape help to create an even more immersive experience.

Custom bench seating was created to match the wall decor and provide functional spaces for young patients to enjoy the films being played. Kids will also love the playful ceiling sculpture of two giraffes dangling their heads upside down to get a better view and the two little mice hanging from their tails while enjoying their movies snacks! With so much for patients to enjoy, wait times will feel like nothing at all when visiting this pediatric dental office!

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