Giving Wings to Charity

Twenty organizations were each given a full-sized fibreglass horse to decorate and modify for a charitable competition. Imagination Dental Solutions received a horse on behalf of Opening Gaits, a society that focuses on therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults with physical, social and intellectual challenges.

A talented team of IDS sculptors and painters donated time and materials to turn the horse into a pegasus, inspired by the Opening Gait’s logo of a pegasus and rider.

The finished horse sculptures were displayed at the Spruce Meadows National Tournament where they were awarded for creativity and auctioned off for charity.

For our contribution IDS received $10,000 and the ‘Spruce Meadows Pegasus Club’ award for first place. All of the prize money was donated to the Opening Gaits organization to help them continue to do the amazing work that they do in the community.