The staff at IDS loves the 300+ offices we have created, but what do the dentists think of the dream offices we have made for them? Read on to see some of the great feedback we've received from our happy clients.

Elizabeth and the IDS Team simply delivered for our office!!! We had a great experience and I have used them on multiple occasions to outfit my office. One of the most impressive things I am pleased with is their customer service.

- Dr. Sean Vostatek
Simply Kids Dental LLC

IDS helped me with the design of my first office almost 9 years ago. We did a jungle themed pediatric side and a construction themed orthodontic area. They made my office the talk of the town!!! 4 years after that, we expanded and had them come in and help… what they did was amazing. Patients come in to the office and are immediately comfortable and the parents can’t stop taking pictures. Last year we opened up our second location and the concept that we came up with was an around the world theme. They literally blew me away with their creations. On all three occasions they have been more than helpful, on time and extremely professional. I would highly recommend them to any office that wants to stand out and take their practice to another level.

Amazing company/team to work with. We used them for our first office and have since opened a 2nd office using them. Patients and parents both are amazed!! Wouldn’t turn anywhere else. Professional! Deliver exactly what they promise.

- Dr. Gloria Fulman
Kidz World

13 years ago I hired Dave to put some pizzaz into my two new offices. It was awesome! The props indoors and out still look as good today. 3 years ago I contacted Dave wanting to do a full blown, 1915 train station, complete with a steam engine train, coal car, passenger car and caboose which doubles as a kid playhouse with iPads. It has a 1200 watt big boom train sound, LED lights, and real steam smoke stack which wows kids through grandparents. From design, to price, to warranty, IDS has delivered and I highly recommend them to build or theme out your office. If you can dream it, Dave and IDS Team can build it!

- Dr. Jed Snatic
Lifepath Wellness

Incredible experience with IDS. They listen and bring dreams to a reality beyond expectations. Accolades to the IDS team for creating the unique dental practice experience. Looking forward to my next project with their creative, attentive and passionate team.

- Dr. John Levy
Big Smiles

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for this team of professionals at Imagination Design Studios. The work they have done for our practices has significantly increased our number of customers and the growth hasn't stopped since. More importantly this team simply knows how to have fun and it shows in the beautiful details of their creative designs and themes. Whether you have an eye for art or not, they help you reach your creative vision with their team of experts. I would highly recommend Imagination Design Studios

- Dr. Shawn Akhavan

I can say that I have never worked with a more well run organization. Everything from the design to the installation was without issue. They deliver what they promise, on time and without compromise. Any issues I brought to their attention were immediately resolved to my complete satisfaction. To be honest, I wish the entire project [referring to the building construction] was as well managed from start to finish as the theming component.

I have been especially honored to have you redesign my dental offices. Your skill level, work ethic and overall professionalism have been nothing less than outstanding. I admire deeply the spirit of excellence that prevails with your company. Also, I couldn’t be more proud of the remarkable appearance and atmosphere of our space. It has been amazing to see the overwhelming positive reaction of parents, but especially children as the come in for treatment. As you know, providing exceptional care and comfort are foundational to my practice. Since the installation I have watched their joy increase immensely.

- Dr. Clyde Maxwell
Gentle Touch Dentistry

I just couldn't let this day go by and not let you know that you guys are simply The Best at what you do. This transformation is truly a visual and creative dream. The expressions on the faces of the staff, patients & parents today are priceless. Speechless is a great way to describe the reactions. Dr. Max is running around snapping pictures and treating patients all at the same time!

Let it be known that I personally cannot say enough good things about Tanner, Chris and Josh. After the final walkthrough today, we said our goodbyes. About 1 hour later, to my surprise, they were back and it was because the team remembered an area that needed to be touched up. Quite honestly - I didn't see the area and neither did anyone else and that shows the dedication they have to 100% customer satisfaction. Kudos! Job Well Done!

- Alicia Harrison, Operations Manager
Gentle Touch Dentistry

For my new office, I had IDS create an amazing exterior display on top of my building. I actually had my staff track every new customer for six months by asking them what it was that brought them to our practice. At the time, I had been spending as much as six thousand dollars per month on newspaper ads, TV commercials and even radio spots. I would have been happy had my new investment been responsible for 50% of the new patients tracked. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the results came in after six months…..a full 94% cited the theming above my entrance!

- Dr. Chuck Hughes, DDS
Wild Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

I think the cheesy grin says it all. [The IDS install crew] have been amazing and I am so thankful for everything you guys have done to make this such an amazing and smooth endeavor. I couldn't be more pleased!!! It has made the project and my office complete. I wish every aspect of the building was as easy as you guys have made this. I cannot say enough good things!!! Thank you so much!!!

- Dr. Jenni Burkitt
Dentistry for Children

Do something spectacular with IDS.
You won't regret it.
- Dr. Clay Goins, DDS

The whole process was seamless. You and your staff were such a joy to work with.
- Dr. Summer B Tyson, DDS

Everyone (my team, patients, and parents) are in AWE!!! What a blessing!!!
- Dr. Clyde Maxwell

I could not be happier with the work you have done for me. You guys are amazing!
- Dr. Gina Cozzarelli

Since our opening, the reaction from our patients, new and existing, has been fantastic! I couldn’t tell you exactly how many new patients we have had since your team at IDS created their magic but I do know that everyone loves the way it makes them feel when they visit. That alone has justified the investment we made. I would not hesitate to recommend IDS to any dentist that wants to theme their office.

I felt like I really had a sense of what I was doing in my office. From the online meetings and the markups that explained everything from colors and foliage, to the 3D models of my characters, IDS really created a complete picture. I didn’t realize I was going to see my whole office before it was built. I was so excited to see every new email you sent.

They took my initial concept and transformed my ideas into reality. I am so excited every morning knowing that I get to go work in such a wonderful environment, and that the children in my practice are just as excited as I am to be in such a fun and adventurous place. Obviously the younger children love the animals. As for my older patients and parents they can appreciate the quality of the work and are impressed with the lengths we go to create a welcoming interactive environment.

- Dr. James McDonnell
The Smile Lodge Pediatric Dentistry

I thought IDS sounded too expensive so I went with another less qualified local company. When the theming was delivered we opened the box, closed it again and it ended up going in the trash. I went back to IDS and told them my story. They did an amazing job and I got exactly what I wanted. It was so worth it in the end.

- Dr. Stephanie Lindsay
High Point Children's Dentistry

The IDS team understands dentists and their spaces. It has been a great experience!
- Dr. Beverly Largent

IDS has delivered amazing products and service consistently and reliably.
- Dr. Derek Thompson

I love the work that you did for us and so do my patients.
- Dr. Travis Giese

I absolutely LOVE my offices!!! You all went above and beyond what I ever imagined!!!
- Dr. Clyde Maxwell

We contacted IDS to help us theme a new office project, plus we needed an updated look for our existing office. Our goal was to provide a fun atmosphere for our patients and staff by using IDS's amazing work. I am so impressed and pleased with the work IDS did and I would not hesitate to recommend IDS to any other dentist. These guys are the very best!

- Dr. Patrick Martin, DDS
Teays Valley Pediatric Dentistry

As a relatively new residency graduate, I decided to theme my office in two stages. I had just purchased a long-standing, successful pediatric dental office but was still budget-conscious. Dave and his team at IDS made the entire process from start to finish incredibly easy. He guided me towards what would be most cost-effective but would also give the most dramatic first impression for my patients seeing the office for the first time. Therefore, my new patients were able to experience an exciting office from day one. I would recommend IDS and staging their office theme project to any budget-conscious provider and am very happy with my results. IDS will most definitely theme my second office!

- Dr. Bryan Morgan
Children's Dentistry of Manatee

I was pleased that IDS helped me right from day one and that the designers could take my ideas and run with them. They built a theme based on my own book and really brought my characters to life! The transformation of my practice has been wonderful. The kids love it, my staff loves it, and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much IDS!

- Dr. Leslie Jacobs, DDS
Dr. Leslie Jacobs Pediatric Dentistry

It was an absolute pleasure to work with all of you. I could not have imagined the room turning out better than it did… it was truly beyond my expectations and honestly one of the very best wishes I have ever worked on. Dave & Andrew - you two, personally, were so fantastic to work with – I cannot begin to describe how appreciative I am for the hard work, dedication, professionalism, creativity and heart you put into Isaac’s wish. I think I’ve said it a million times, but I know what you all did will completely change Isaac’s world and will add so much to his life. And to everyone in your office who put time, effort and love into creating that magical space – we are forever grateful.

- Dana Snyder
Make-A-Wish Foundation

Our IDS mural was installed yesterday and it is amazingly beautiful! I can’t thank you enough for the brilliance and humor it has brought to our new Dental Clinic and to the dedicated pediatric operatory. We are grateful to be able to serve Denver’s homeless pediatric population and improve their oral health in such a magical place.

You are a part of serving Denver’s most vulnerable population and on behalf of all of us at the Coalition we are in your debt, THANK YOU and your whole team!

- Dr. Carol Niforatos, DDS
Dental Director, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

I don’t have exact numbers, but the theming in the practice has brought in thousands of new patients since opening in 2010.
- Dr. Tonya Triplett

When we opened we were seeing up to
59 new patients a day.
- Dr. Derek Thompson

I’ve tracked 7 new patients a day for the first 3 months in my small office.
- wishes to remain anonymous

We are getting 160 new patients a month!
- wishes to remain anonymous

Thank you for making my office so beautiful! The IDS stuff really was the icing on the cake for the office. I think [the IDS install team] would agree with me that their pictures don't even do it justice; I wish you all could see it in person!! It really has been a pleasure working with all of you! I can not thank you all enough for your hard work, dedication and attention to detail.

- Dr. LoanAnh T. Bui

We chose IDS as our dental theming company due to their vast experience in the field and the quality of craftsmanship in their work. Working with their team of designers was very easy. Not only did we have all of our ideas brought to life, they made our office "the place to be" and the final outcome speaks for itself - Phenomenal!

I wanted to start small with my first office so I put a few pieces in certain areas. For my second office I went all out with a completely WOW kid's play area and put murals and some custom 3D in lots of the treatment rooms. Next I will be expanding the theming in both offices, however someday I plan on doing a fully themed IDS office that will be super cool. I can't wait. I love IDS. It is so much fun to work with them and I would love to be doing this all the time!

- Dr. "Joe" Nguyen
Fresh Dental Care