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IDS in the Community – Alberta Flood Relief – Recent Events in Our Hometown Encouraged IDS to Help

September 24th, 2013
IDS president David Nolan and vice president Andrew Hulbert present a check to the Red Cross

As a Calgary company, we were very fortunate that the recent flooding in Southern Alberta did not affect our ability to work and continue business as usual. So many people were forced to evacuate their homes, were unable to go to work or were experiencing extraordinary challenges. We feel extremely blessed to live and work here in Calgary so we decided it was important to help in the relief effort. This week volunteers at IDS paint letters to form a sign that says “Hell or High Water”, a mantra used to help boost morale around the flooded city. As a company, we also donated $10,000 to the Red Cross to help with the cleanup.

Imagination Dental Solutions

Calgary has proven to be a very resilient City after the flooding and many businesses have helped in different ways. It is truly inspiring to see how this city has come together to help those in need. Calgary is a great City to do business in so we hope our donation to the Red Cross in some small way encourages other local businesses to do their part as well. The Canadian Red Cross has been instrumental in helping Albertans during this challenging time.

“Our ability to respond to the needs of those left vulnerable as a result of a disaster is dependent on the generous support of individuals and businesses,”

said Sue Phillips, Director General of the Canadian Red Cross in Western Canada.

“The donation The Canadian Red Cross received today from Imagine Dental Solutions will help ensure that Albertans who were affected by flooding are supported on their path to recovery.”

If you would like to help with the Canadian Red Cross with the Alberta Flood relief, please donate online at

– David Nolan, IDS President



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