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Artist Profile – Rick Goertzen – Spooky Art for Halloween

October 28th, 2013
Rick artist profile title card

Rick “Munkie” Goertzen is the head painter at IDS. Paint is the last stage of our build process and the stage where our sculptures get that extra pop to make them come alive. Rick’s 23 years of airbrushing experience have brought a level of quality to our sculptures that cannot be compared.

Calgary born and raised, Rick has worked for IDS since 2004. His great sense of humor and talent for puns has made him a favorite around the IDS shop.

Rick is a self-taught artist, first starting out at the young age of 3 with a green crayon and the walls of his parents’ house. He moved on to more mature mediums, teaching himself to draw and to paint with oils, watercolor and ink.

He hasn’t stopped being creative since those very early days and now applies his talents to many mediums. Besides being the head airbrush artist at IDS, he is also talented sculptor as well (most recently he created one of IDS’s most popular trade show pieces – Chile the penguin).

Rick also does automotive airbrushing, creating custom paint jobs for cars and motorcycles. Flames and skulls are his specialty. He won Best in Class from World of Wheels for a custom paint job done on a Mitsubishi Eclipse.

On the weekends, Rick works as a tattoo artist.

Rick only started tattooing four years ago on a dare, despite it being a lifelong dream, and has loved it ever since. His trusting fiancée has let him practice on her over the years.

To Rick, the best thing about being an artist is being trusted – either to work on a brand new $30,000 motorcycle or part of a person’s body. People give a lot of trust to artists. And IDS gives a lot of trust to Rick to finish and bring life to our amazing sculptures.


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