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Artist Profile – Dave Reilander – Modeling and Casting Specialist

June 1st, 2015

Dave Reilander (or Baron von Reilander as he is known in the art world) is the head of the Modeling and Casting department as well as the muscle around the IDS shop. He is responsible for many of the small detailed plastic and polymer clay sculptures that complement our large foam characters.

Dave’s father was a forest ranger so he and his 4 brothers grew up in the forests of Northern Alberta living in campgrounds, training as boy scouts, and having way too many encounters with black bears. With his unique childhood, Dave knows how to survive any situation. Despite his large, rough exterior he has sculpted some of the smallest and cutest props to come out of IDS.

Besides modeling adorable creatures for IDS, he is an avid painter and illustrator, a large and small scale sculptor, a special effects movie make-up artist specializing in monster make-up and gore effects, as well as a stop-motion animator. His films have been seen in many international film festivals.

Dave is a self-taught artist. He attended the Alberta College of Art and Design but like many great artists school was too restrictive and he left in his second year to pursue his own art.

Dave has been involved with many galleries including 14 solo shows along with hundreds of group shows. He has appeared on TV, done several radio interviews, and has been featured in various local Calgary magazines and papers, along with a mention in Juxtapoz Magazine (a highly respected artist profile magazine). As you can tell art is Dave’s passion and he has pursued it full throttle with great success.

Dave specializes in the Lowbrow Art Style, a visual art movement that became popular in the punk and hot-rod culture during the late 1970s. Classic cars, bulging eyeballs and monsters are a staple of the Lowbrow Art world. Dave often includes his favorite classic movie monsters, such as the Wolfman and the Creature from the Black Lagoon, in his art; it is art with a sense of humor.

Dave brings his own sense of humor to every piece he creates and IDS is lucky to have such a talented artist adding fun to every character he brings to life.

See more of Dave’s work at his personal website.


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