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Marketing Tips – Bring in New Patients with a Grand Opening Theme Reveal!

September 1st, 2016
grand opening theme reveal title card

Once your office has been completed, the importance of a Grand Opening Theme Reveal should not be undervalued. Whether you have themed an existing office or built one from the ground up, a Theme Reveal is a perfect opportunity to connect with the community and gain new patients.

1. Choose a date for your Theme Reveal party. Alert local newspapers, advertise in school newsletters, send out a notice to your existing patients, and create some buzz for your new, improved office on social media!

2. Invite sports mascots and local sports celebrities to sign autographs. Hire artists to paint children’s faces and clowns to hand out balloon animals. Get a band to play some music for children and adults to dance to. Your event can be as big or small as you want!

3. Serve food! Nothing brings in crowd faster than a BBQ or a pancake breakfast as part of your reveal. Kids loooove hotdogs.

4. Have a photo op ready for guests. Whether it’s an IDS themed prop, pictures with the tooth fairy, or a basket of kids costumes in front of your logo, make sure your name is getting shared on social media by the people attending your event.

By hosting an event for families, it is considerably easier to draw in potential new patients and get everyone in your community excited about the theme you’ve created. People walking past your event will be drawn in and want to know more. Existing patients will get a sneak peek at the office before they come in for an appointment. Kids have the chance to explore and get comfortable in the office, helping alleviate anxiety and getting them excited about visiting the dentist.

This is also a great option if you can’t get theming installed before your official business start date. Have a soft launch to get the business going and smooth out any kinks, then celebrate in a big way when you get your theming installed!

Regardless of which stage you are at in the design and build process for your dental office theming, it is never too late to start planning your Grand Opening Theme Reveal.


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