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Marketing Tips – 5 Tips to Help You Capture Your New Themed Office in Photographs

August 8th, 2014

You’ve just opened the doors of your newly themed office to the public, so now what? Show it off of course! It’s time to start spreading the word by utilizing social media and viral marketing with great photographs of your newly themed office.

How do you do that? Well, the first thing you’re going to need is some great photographs.

Below are 5 simple tips on how to make your amazing office look as exciting in photographs as it does in real life:

1. Use a DSLR camera if available and use a lens with an adjustable focal length. Take some close up shots of unique characters, detailed shots of quirky characteristics of the props, and some wide angle shots that allow the viewer to see the entire atmosphere of the themed room. If you want to learn more about using focal length to give your photographs that extra pow, check out this site that runs through the basics – a great resource for anyone who wants to take up photography as a hobby.



A flat-looking photo.



Depth of field creates blur and focus.


Even your phone camera can take intriguing photos with depth of field. Start experimenting with what you have if you don’t have a fancy camera.

2. Make sure to photograph each room and each individual prop. More photographs mean more stock images that you can use in magazine ads, flyers, social media updates, and of course for showing off to all your friends and family.

3. Try to avoid using a flash as flashes can cause unwanted glare and shadows. Using natural or artificial ceiling lights will give you a much better photograph and show off the colors of your amazing new office. However, it is important to be aware of bright windows and harsh sunlight shining into your office when taking photos. Bright sunlight streaking across your photos can bleach out props and details on murals.



Too much sun bleaches out details.



Perfect lighting shows all the details.


4. Use a child or staff member as a model to give an idea of the size of your props. This will give viewers the right perspective on how large your prop is and convey how much fun it is for kids to interact with your decor. Use your theming as a photo op backdrop for “Cavity Free Club” photos and post those on social media on a regular basis. Don’t forget a model release form to make it official. A model release form will protect you against civil liability lawsuits should an issue arise later on. Here’s a great resource on why you need a model release and a free template for making your own.



Kids interacting with theming.



Showing scale and having fun!


5. Take photographs at different levels. Stand on a chair or bend down to take photographs that show new perspectives and unique detailing on high or low props. Many of your young (and short!) patients will have a very different view of the props then you will so keep that in mind too for some different types of photos.



Get the whole room in a shot.



Take a step closer for another view.


Now that you have some great photographs you can market them to your potential clients. Remember not to post all of the photographs at once, but instead post a few at a time which will keep your potential clients interested, and make your office seem like there is always something new and exciting going on.


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