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Celebrating 10 Years of Imagination Dental Solutions

October 2nd, 2017
10 Year Anniversary

In 2017 Imagination Dental Solutions is celebrating 10 years of serving the dental community and changing the lives of children and dentists alike with our magical themed offices. October marks the month when IDS moved from a fun idea into a reality.

Company President, David Nolan, an artist and entrepreneur, began his business career as a promotional window painter. He moved into the realm of 3D by making temporary props for photo studios.

SYC founders Yet Ngo and Dave Nolan in the early days.

Seeing the potential in this new endeavor, Dave expanded and began making more permanent displays for movie theaters and storefronts. He created the IDS parent company Studio Y Creations (SYC) in 1993 and brought on a business partner, Andrew Hulbert, in 1998.

In 2004 SYC was contacted by a dentist named Dr. Tonya looking for some unique office decor. With our experience creating props for theme parks, she knew we would create the fun environment she was hoping for. Little did Dave and Andrew know, this request would alter the future of the company forever.

The demand was there and we could supply it. After learning about the unique needs and daily life of a dentist, we saw the obstacles faced with patient comfort and retention and our chance to overcome it. We wanted to tailor our 3D creations to fit into the dental world. In 2007 Imagination Dental Solutions became official. A theming company just for dentists!

We think Dave put it best,

“We have achieved this milestone through the hard work and dedication of the members of the IDS Team to constantly improve our workflow and explore new ideas. Our culture of customer service that exists throughout the entire organization has made us well known and keeps customers coming back. Along with a decade in business, we are also celebrating the completion of over 250 dental projects.

We have been honored to have become a part of the dental community and have had the pleasure of working with and meeting many people all over the USA, Canada, and now the world as we expand into the UK and Saudi Arabia. We look forward to continuing to build on these strong relationships.

In the future, we will be expanding into new technologies and new experiences to help bring in young clients and make them primed for a fun and successful dental visit.”

IDS hopes that our clients will join us by celebrating their own IDS theming install anniversaries in their own offices!

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