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Artist Profile – Bob Devan – Cheeky Monkeys, Purple Hippos, and Enormous Elephants… Oh My!

July 25th, 2013
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Bob is our head designer and concept illustrator at IDS and has been working with owners Dave and Andrew since 1995. His drawing style has shaped the iconic characters and themes for which IDS is so well known. Bob’s cheeky monkeys, purple hippos, and enormous elephants busting out of walls have brought IDS the recognition it has today.

Bob’s talents do not stop at sketching smiling animals and dental humor. Bob is also an accomplished sculptor and a realistic portrait artist, drawing friends and family and even celebrities. Working with clay, paint and his old faithful pencil, faces come alive under Bob’s skilled hand.

After almost 20 years in the industry and many advances in technology, both at work and at home Bob still prefers to use traditional drawing mediums like pencil, charcoal, graphite, oil paint, and acrylic. While he will touch up his illustrations on the computer, getting Bob to fully embrace the newer technology of computer editing software has been a challenging battle for the younger, “hipper” illustrators that work with him at IDS. But as you can see from his sketches, his favorite traditional mediums are still working beautifully for him.


Humble Beginnings

Bob was born and raised in Singapore, one of the world’s most prosperous cities that boasts one of the top 5 busiest port and a population of over 5 million people. Here he met his wife with whom he would have 2 children.

Bob began drawing as a boy in Singapore, and knew as many artists do that art would be a big part of his life – and so he made it his career. In his 20s, Bob was hired on at a print company and when the art director suddenly quit, Bob was thrown into the position, teaching himself and excelling at the creative side of the print business.

Bob moved on to become an art director at a design firm and even worked for several years in advertising. After 2 years as a freelance illustrator, concept artist, and storyboard artist, he was ready for something different. Looking for a slower pace and less congestion, Bob and his wife moved to scenic Calgary, Canada. He brought his artistic skills with him and put them to good use.

A Future With IDS

In 1995 Bob joined IDS owner Dave to be part of our creative team. In the beginning, Bob worked as a sculptor and painter, helping to build amazing props. But through the years he put his past knowledge to use and became the main concept artist, translating concepts on to paper and bringing the ideas of clients to life. And the rest is history.

Imagination Dental Solutions is very fortunate to have a multi-talented artist like Bob on our staff. The IDS Team has a wealth of talent that helps us create the amazing offices we build every day, drawing on many different skills and experiences that have come together under one roof.

“I love drawing every day and being able to do what I love to make a living. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my sketches turned into amazing finished 3D sculptures.”

– Bob Devan, Head Designer



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