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Fun Facts – Dental Fashion Trends

October 1st, 2015
dental fashion and tooth trends

Fashion dictates every part of our bodies, including our teeth!

Trends like teeth whitening, which has taken off in the past 15 years, are not – as this Canadian Dental Association article points out – because white teeth are healthier, but because people like the way whiter teeth look.

For a long time perfectly straight teeth have been seen as the ideal. Many teenagers have spent years in braces trying to achieve this ideal – and for good reason! A mouth full of straight teeth will minimize any future dental problems, make chewing food easier, and make teeth easier to clean.

Lately though, there’s been a backlash against this pursuit of the perfect smile. There’s now a growing trend to adopt the “gap-toothed” look displayed by models such as Lara Stone and Georgia Jagger.

Over the past five years orthodontists have reported growing numbers of patients looking to increase or even create a gap in their front teeth to imitate this look!

The newest trend in dental fashion comes from Japan: the snaggletooth, or yaeba as it’s otherwise known. This look takes the imperfect look of the gap-tooth to the next level.

According to Japan Today, young women are having their teeth altered, or artificial teeth attached, to push out their canines in a “snaggletooth” look.

Meant to make young women look endearing, cute, and young, this look has been popularized by the pop group AKB48 and a number of Japanese celebrities who are also sporting the yaeba look.

While many dental trends appear to be bad for your health and possibly damaging for your teeth, we have really enjoyed discovering how society’s idea of the perfect smile has changed over time.

Can you guess where the next trend in dental fashion will take us?


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