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Marketing Tips – Dental Office Theming is Big News for Local News Stations

July 8th, 2013
Dentist Patrick Ferguson, DDS, right, and Corporate Manager Jolene Babka
KAI-HUEI YAU — Tri-City Herald

One of our favorite perks to theming offices all over North America is showing up in local news. Not only is this dental office getting extra exposure and free advertising, but it makes us proud that people get excited about our creations. Don’t miss that chance to get your themed office in the news. Local news channels love to show off unique and exciting stories in the community. Whether you get in the newspaper or manage to bring out a whole news camera crew, any free promotion is welcome.

Our latest underwater office in Pasco, Washington has just made the news.

From the article:

“Dentists now are a kinder, gentler bunch. We just take it to an extreme,” he said. “We know from working with kids that if we can make going to the dentist fun, not scary, they’ll have a better experience at the dentist the rest of their lives.”

Check out the full article here. Take a look at some images from the office below.





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