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IDS Experts – How the IDS Team Engineers Fun

January 30th, 2017

The role of the Computer Aided Design (CAD) department is to take the illustrated concept sketches and bring them to life while considering space planning, building code, and structural engineering. As the head of the CAD department I must ensure that we take into account the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Barrier Free Design requirements, which ensure a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy.

When your project moves to CAD we use your architectural plans to input the information into specialized programs and create a 3D model of your office. We then scale our 3D theming to fit perfectly into your office as well as design the internal steel structure for securing the theming in place.

This process is key to creating a design that is not only fun and engaging, but also functional and safe for kids. We are responsible for routering the 3D models into foam blocks, giving the sculptors a base to begin their detailed work.

To make certain our standards never falter, we manufacture all of our own products in one of our two facilities located in Alberta and Florida. We use the term “kid proof” when approaching a new design. What can they touch, what can they climb on, and how will we make it safe for them? When it comes to quality, the internal structures and mechanical design of our sculptures plays a role that is just as critical as the sculpted surface and colorful paint job.

Rest assured that your 3D theming has been engineered inside and out to stand the test of time… and testing by your patients.

From our artists to our engineers, we pride ourselves on the level of expertise each team member brings to the projects we create. Our experts want to offer some insight into their work and offer professional advice to help your dental office reach its full potential.


CAD Manager
Mechanical Design Technology Certificate
Joined IDS in 2010


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