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IDS in the Community – In-Definite Arts – Supporting Artists with Special Needs

January 29th, 2014
In-Definite Arts

IDS is a company that is proud to be part of our local community as well as a company that shows support for local art and artists. In 2012 we were introduced to an organization called the In-Definite Arts Society.

In-Definite Arts is a nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities come together to create, exhibit and sell artwork. Since its beginnings in 1975, In-Definite Arts has continually been a leader and innovator in Calgary’s art and disability sectors, playing a significant role in supporting artists with disabilities, promoting their artwork and advocating for inclusion within contemporary art practice.

An example of the work being done by the artists at IDAS. From: 

Here at Imagination Dental Solutions we were truly inspired by this wonderful organization and asked how we could be a part of the great work they are doing. In-Definite Arts Society was excited by this opportunity and asked if we could help them create a new website so that they could reach more people and present their artists’ work in the best possible way online. Although IDS is a company well known for our high quality and creative sculptures, we are also recognized for creating excellent marketing materials for our customers. Thanks to the talented IDS marketing team, In-Definite Arts now has a wonderful website to show off.

You can view their site at

After this successful partnership, David Nolan, president of IDS, was asked to join the In-Definite Arts Society board of directors. Many new projects are now on the go to support the IDAS, including a new 3D parade float, which will later double as building signage, to help promote their name throughout the city.

Currently, IDS is combining talents with In-Definite Arts Society to create 3D awards for Calgary’s Award for Accessibility. This award recognizes businesses and facilities in Calgary that have significantly exceeded the requirements for accessibility by persons with disabilities. This includes an award for transportation, building access design, and advocacy in the community. IDS drew the initial concept sketches, created the bases and faux bronze hands, while artists at the In-Definite Arts Society created the unique centerpieces. The final pieces are a special award sure to be cherished by those who receive them.

Process PhotosFor our part of the awards, hands were molded from the hands of a volunteer, cast in plastic, and painted in a faux bronze finish.


“As a proud parent of a child with disabilities I couldn’t be more excited in joining the IDAS family. 2014 will be an exciting year for indefinite arts when they unveil their new parade float built by IDS parent company Studio Y Creations. We look forward to a long and exciting future with IDAS. We hope we can bring this amazing organization more exposure and in doing so help the wonderful artists and IDAS.”

– IDS President David Nolan


Congratulations to the winners of Calgary’s Award for Accessibility – Winners posing with Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

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