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Artist Profile – Nick Bellemore – Multi-Talented IDS Sculpting Manager

November 4th, 2014
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Nick Bellemore has been with IDS for 7 years. Beginning his time here as a sculptor and head of the modeling and casting department, he has moved up and now works as our sculpting manager, in charge of quality control and scheduling our many theming projects. He keeps everyone working hard with his great attitude and fun personality.

Nick’s sculpting and modeling skills come from a background in movie effects makeup. He first got into makeup as a child, frightening his parents and their friends by creating fake scars and wounds. He graduated top of his class at Complections College of Makeup Art & Design in Toronto, Ontario. One of the top schools in North America for makeup artistry, it specializes in character and special makeup effects, creature design, prosthetics, and theatrical makeup design. His knowledge of plastics, silicone and various modeling techniques have been a great asset to IDS.

Nick has applied his diverse skills to a huge variety of jobs, including creating props on George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead, doing stage makeup for Patti Labelle’s back up dancers, and working for the Toronto Children’s Theatre. He started out at 15 working for a puppet maker. Puppeteered on Canadian TV shows On the Road Again and Great Green Adventures.

Nick also runs his own makeup business on the side called Rocket Punch Studio. He most recently created puppets for the Canadian premiere of Neverwhere, from the novel by Neil Gaiman. His creations included a 9 foot long wild boar monster built using upholstery foam, fabric, latex paint, plastic, and wood. It is operated by two puppeteers who control the movements from the inside.

As with projects at IDS and the work he does on his own, every job is different – new challenges, new ideas, and new fabrication techniques. And he loves every minute of it.

The only thing Nick likes more than art is his dog. He and his fiancée are both huge dog lovers. Nick helps teach a dog obedience course and his fiancée walks dogs professionally. Together they have a very well behaved rescue dog named Solo.


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